Trumbull – Hatred, Revenge and a Lonely Dog – February, 1940

Have you ever felt hatred or wished for revenge against someone for some large or small incident? Grandpa has some thoughtful advice on the subject.

February 5, 1940

I was talking to Ted and he said he had written to you but had not yet had a reply. It may have been because he had been in New York and was tired, but he seems to me to look older and frailer and thinner. Of course I suppose he is worrying too because Helen told me they have made very little progress in collecting from Inter-America, as Max bears a great deal of hatred towards Ted. I didn’t tell her so but I felt like saying: “Well, what do you expect when Ted hates Max the way he does and has been trying to do everything in his power through every available means to harm him?”

In the years I have lived, I have found that hate and revenge and getting even with the other fellow are just about the poorest method to follow in accomplishing results. I don’t think a person who wants to get anywhere can afford not to be pleasant and kind and courteous to everyone whether or not he thinks that one can ever be of any help to him.

As it is working out most of those to whom money was owed are paid and Ted will be the last in case they cannot evade paying him entirely. And by the way, that brings up the old question, which is now becoming a joke, as to what happened to the money they owe you? I don’t know how many times I have asked you what the outcome was, and if I did not know you better I should assume you were sore at me for not handling the matter of the way you suggested a while ago, and were therefore not going to give me any satisfaction by telling me what you have done.

February 11, 1940

David was glancing over some of your old letters the other day and noticed the statement that you had not seen or heard of Mack for some time. It evidently made an impression on him so he sat down and wrote you a messy, dirty letter from Mack in a very childish, sloppy hand writing. He even signed it with a paw print!

Dear brother Alfred,

I am miserable. Dick gave me a bath the other day, just because I went for a stroll in a fertilized field. I wonder if I would know you if I saw you. I think I would. I would probably know you by your smell (don’t get me wrong). I’m getting fatter all the time. Zeke says it’s a damn shame I don’t get fed more, but he’s crazy. One day I went down to Center School to look around and I went in one room where there was a bunch of little kids and a rather pretty teacher, a girl I have seen before. She started to teach me to read and write. It was Babe. Some time ago while I was asleep in the music room, I heard a lot of noise in the kitchen. Then I heard Dick say “Here Mack”, so I ran in there and Ced and Dick were standing around with brooms in their hands. I heard a scurrying around in the back of the cabinet. All of a sudden out ran a mouse. “Ah ha, a meal!!” but Ced took the remains of him away from me. I caught five, two in one night! I was a hero until I went for that walk in the field mentioned at the beginning of this letter. Well I guess there is no other news now, so I’ll say,

Bow Wow


Have you ever taken revenge on someone? Did it make you feel better or worse? Please let me know what you think.

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Love hearing from you.

Judy Guion


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