2 thoughts on “PP pic 5

  1. Hello there! This is the third time visiting now and I just wanted to say I truley fancy reading your site.
    I’ve decided to bookmark it at stumbleupon.com with the title: PP pic 5 | “Greatest Generation” Life Lessons and your Domain name: https://greatestgenerationlessons.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/life-in-venezuela-lighting-the-fire/pp-pic-5-2/. I hope this is okay with you, I’m attempting
    to give your great blog a bit more publicity. Be back shortly.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      I appreciate the added exposure. My hope is to spread these life lessons through my family’s letters and stories around the world. Family is Family is Family. The thoughts, interactions and emotions are the same the world over. During World War II, there were Japanese families, German families, English families and other families all over the world who had the same fears and frustrations about their loved ones who were fulfilling their duty to fight for their country. Yes, this is specifically the story of my family, but it is also the story of every other family that lived through that terrible “Slice of Life”. Than you for bringing me to a brand new audience at stumbleupon.com.

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