Friends – A Wedding – Oct., 1940

1934 - 1940 Timeline

1934 – 1940 Timeline

Ethel Bushey and Carl Wayne were two of the regulars at the Guion house for many years. Carl became  Owner of the gas station next to Kurtz’s store where Lad worked  before going to Venezuela (See Trumbull – The Red Horse Service Station – Carl Wayne – March 14, 1939, published 1.27.2013)  Ethel was a good friend of Bissie’s  (See Random Memories of Elizabeth Westlin Guion (4 of 5, published 4.18.2013) is a letter to Lad from Ethel giving him the latest happenings in Trumbull. She was one of several friends that made sure he was kept in the loop.

October 21, 1940

Dear Lad –

Ethel Bushey

Ethel Bushey

Have you heard of the wonderful news about Carl and I? (P.S. – We are engaged). The most scrumptious ring you ever did see is on my important finger. By the time you arrive back in the U.S.A. A. I’ll probably be Mrs. C. Wayne (I hope)

Enough bragging for now. Oh, by the way, your Dad was the first person to see my ring. I was glad

Carl Wayne

Carl Wayne

because you know how much I have always thought of your Dad. He seemed to be as happy as Carl and I about it.

Did you know that I am your nephew’s godmother and a very proud one too? I love him, he’s the most wonderful child alive. Yesterday was his first birthday.

Arnold and Alta are keeping the home fires burning in their trailer.

Edna and Frank are living in Bridgeport at Sage Street, just below Bridgeport hospital.

October 12th I was a bridesmaid for a friend of mine at a very large wedding. It was beautiful. My gown was maroon velvet top and maroon taffeta skirt. Next letter I’ll send you a picture. Having some made up of my gown.

A few of the girls started my hope chest for me. Officially I really haven’t one, I hate the clumsy things. Here are the starters:

1 – can opener – Mrs. Chris Smith

1 – dishcloth – Helen Slawson

measuring spoons – Barbara Plumb

potholders and salad fork and spoon from mother

You can easily guess where I’m going to be doing most of my work. Here is a snapshot Bissie took this spring.

Bissie is here now talking while I’m trying to concentrate on this letter. Flora and Bissie are now commenting on the picture that I’m in closing. You can probably guess what the commentations are about.

Write soon.



This week, we’ll continue with letters from the fall of 1940, when Dan and Ced are working in Alaska and Lad is still in Venezuela.

Judy Guion


10 thoughts on “Friends – A Wedding – Oct., 1940

  1. I wondered the other day when the term ‘Hope Chest’ went out of use. Perhaps it has more to do with the fact that I followed a professional path and wasn’t around many women. I remember as a girl, my friends making items such as pillow cases that had to be ironed because of the decorations they sewed on them. It’s probably just as well that I didn’t participate in that activity. I love your posts as I’m researching the murder of my aunt that occurred in 1913 and many of the subjects you mention I’ve come across in my research although the time period is a little earlier than WWII.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      sheridegrom – When I graduated from high school in the mid-60’s, all the Senior girls were given a miniature Cedar Hope Chest made by Lane and presented by Feldman Brothers Furniture of Bridgeport, CT. My guess is that they did that for all the area high schools.I still have mine and it’s here in my office, so I pulled it out to be sure of who made it. I really have to thank you because I have just spent a very enjoyable 1/2 hour reading letters and post cards sent to me from Grandpa, (the same Grandpa who writes all the letters I’m posting) during the early 60’s. What a trip down Memory Lane!

  2. So darling. Can’t help but compare the simple gifts in her hope chest to some of the current announcements including registration at fancy department stores. The spoons, dishcloth and potholders speak of the thrill of dreaming of that home of your own.

  3. gpcox says:

    So typical, all the donations to the hope chest are for the kitchen. (And here I always thought they were for the bedroom – what a dunce!)

  4. Gallivanta says:

    This is cute. Funny too that one of my recent posts was about my mother’s hope chest, although we know them more as glory boxes.

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