Trumbull – Mack’s Adventures – Feb, 1940

Mack's letter - Feb. 10, 1940 (1)Mack's letter - Feb. 10, 1940 (2)Mack's letter - Feb. 10, 1940 (3)

Sunday         Feb 10, 1940

Dear brother Alfred,

I am miserable. Dick gave me a bath the other day, just because I went for a stroll in a fertile field. I wonder if I would know you if I saw you, I think I would. I would probably know you by your smell (don’t get me wrong). I’m getting fatter all the time. Zeke says it’s a DAM shame I don’t get fed more but he’s crazy. One day I went down to Center School to look around and I went in one room where a bunch of little kids and a rather plump teacher – I recognized the teacher as a girl I had seen before. She started to teach me to read and write. It was Babe. (Lad’s girlfriend). Some time ago, while I was asleep in the music room, I heard a lot of noise in the kitchen. Then I heard Dick say, “HERE, MACK”. So I ran in there and Ced and Dick were standing around with brooms in their hands. I heard a scurrying around in back of the cabinet. All of a sudden out ran a rat. AH, A MEAL !!! But Ced took the remains of him away from me. I caught five (5), two in one night. I was a hero until I went for that walk in the field I mentioned at the beginning of this letter. Well, I guess there’s no other news now so I’ll say,

Bow, wow !!


Tomorrow, I’ll be posting the next segment of Alfred Duryee Guion’s Autobiography. On Sunday, we’ll find out the latest in Mary E. Wilson’s relationship with Archie.

Next week, we’ll be looking in on the newlyweds, Lad and Marian, in the waning month of 1943 to see what new developments there are.

Judy Guion


15 thoughts on “Trumbull – Mack’s Adventures – Feb, 1940

  1. Charming link to the past! What fun.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      womanseyeview – I’m so glad you are enjoying the letters. I’ll admit, I’m enjoying them just as much as you. I haven’t read them all, not by a long shot, and every once in a while, I’ll read something and a question will be answered or a light bulb will go on. It’s a journey of discovery and I’m really getting to know these people whom I’ve known as adults.

  2. weggieboy says:

    All of us with critters have no problem believing this to be a true measure of Mack’s state of mind, February 10, 1940! Cute!

  3. Very cleverly written letter. At first, I was taken aback, until I remembered the letter was “written” by Mack the dog. My dogs have expressive faces and know how to communicate–but, not yet how to write. They’d be envious.

  4. gpcox says:

    Cute, a sense of humor back then too.

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