Friends – Happenings Around Bridgeport – Jan., 1941

Lad in Venezuela with his car

Lad in Venezuela with his car

January 12, 1941

Dear Lad –

I was very much surprised and more than pleased to hear from you after all these months.

Things certainly have been happening around Bridgeport since you left it. Arlene is married now and has two fine boys, but I am still free, white and over 21.

I had a very enjoyable Christmas and hope that you did, too. How do they celebrate Christmas down in South America?

I believe you know I took Arlene’s position in The Blueprint Company and like my work extremely well. I would be very much interested to hear about your work. Your father drops into the office and suggested several times that I should write to you.

What’s it like down there? Do you live in a city or on the outskirts of town?

If you would like to write to Arlene, and I know she would be glad to hear from you, I’d be glad to give her your address. Her husband is forever talking about South America and how he would like to go down there.

I’m quite at a loss as to what to write about since it has been ages ago that I saw you last.

Before I close I would like to thank you for thinking of us at the Christmas season, and we in turn, would like to wish you a very, very happy and prosperous New Year, and are hoping that we will hear from you before long.



P.S. Don’t mind the date on this letter, but it has taken this much time to get up enough nerve to call your father to obtain your address. He was very nice about it and knew who I was right away, after I told him that I worked in “The Blueprint Co.”

So long again.

Tomorrow, Grandpa spends half of his letter pointing out, in his own way, the absence of letters from Alaska or Venezuela. He really is disappointed. A letter from Grandmother Peabody and a two-part letter from Grandpa round out the week.

Judy Guion


6 thoughts on “Friends – Happenings Around Bridgeport – Jan., 1941

  1. Mrs. P says:

    It seemed like she was put up to writing by grandfather and after several requests felt obligated to do so and even then it was a struggle for her.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Mrs. P. – That may have been the case. If she was a younger sister and saw more of Grandpa at her job, she very well may have felt pressured to do what he “suggested”.

  2. gpcox says:

    Always good to hear from a friend. I’m curious to see what you say to Koji.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      gpcox – I don’t know who she was although she may have been a younger sister of one of girls who were part of “The Gang”. I’m checking it out and will add a note when I find out.

  3. Mustang.Koji says:

    It surprised me to see her words, “…free, white and over 21”. Taken in that timeframe, is there any special nuance to her words?

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