Friends – Birthday Greetings From The Two “Jeeps” – April, 1940

April 3rd , 1940

4:30 PM

Hello, Laddie:

Well it is almost 6 months since we last had any word from you, and as this is your birthday and we are thinking very much of you, we could not withstand the temptation to write and see if you would answer. (Will prayer help?)

Incidentally, do you remember a family or rather a young married couple, by the name of Stanley, who used to live in New Haven. They were queer people who used to entertain people at the oddest hours, and they used to go on picnics with a Miss Mullins and a Mr. A.P. Guion. We were talking to them just the other day and they were wondering if we had heard from Mr. Guion, they had not heard since last November 10th  and were wondering whether it was by chance or by choice.

Seriously, we have wondered whether you were tired of writing to people in a faraway place, or if you have written to us and we had never received your letter. We look forward to hearing from you so much that we had to take the chance that you still cared about hearing from your old “Jeeps”. If we never receive an answer to this letter we will know that you do not care to hear from us.

Winter is finally subsided and now we have a beautiful, even if a little belated, spring. People are out raking up leaves and getting their gardens ready to plant. Even I have the urge to plant flowers so spring must really be here, for I have never had the urge since we have been in New Haven, before.

As I sit here writing to you, for the Stanley family, I am remembering two birth days ago when we had you here with us, and your smiling face is still here with us, right on the radio. We sincerely hope that before too many years, or months, go by, we may again have the pleasure of having you in our family circle again. Those were grand days, and days that Rusty and I never tire of talking about, undoubtedly we bore everyone else with our forever harking back to your being in the states, but some day perhaps, if we hope hard enough, our friendship circle will be complete.

Christmas seems very far in the past right now, but did you have a nice holiday? Our Christmas was a very happy one and everyone on this side of the border seems to be on the upgrade again.

Babe has been up for a weekend or two this winter, but at this writing we have not seen her in about six weeks. She undoubtedly has a lot going on and New Haven is a long way off when you are having a good time at home.

It would be better than anything, if you might come home in time to help us celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary next year. Perhaps we can hope for that, even if you do not come back to stay you could come home on leave, or something.

We were glad to hear that you had escaped, even if it was by a very narrow margin, the dreaded malaria. Your description of your trip and the beach is very good, in fact I have a fair picture of the place in my mind.

Triaga Venado - Guario - April, 1940

Triaga Venado – Guario – April, 1940

This is one of the new photos. I wish I knew the story behind this snake, but I don’t. I’m also pretty sure Lad must have written about it but I haven’t come across that letter. I think it’s the kind of story that Larry and Russ would have enjoyed.

What have you been doing? You usually have had some very exciting or interesting piece of news in your letters and we just wait to hear from you about them. We are learning a great deal from your letters, about the country that you are at present living in. In fact I think your letters bound in book form would make for very interesting reading. There is an idea for what it is worth.

I will have to close this now, and please write to us unless you don’t want to hear or bother to write to us. I hope you do however, as you are still very dear to us.

Until the time, when I hope we will hear from you then, God be with you,

Love from the two “Jeeps”

Larry and Russ

I don’t know what the reference to the two “Jeeps” is, but if I find out, I’ll let you know.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting “Then and Now” pictures of the Dell Avenue house that Grandpa moved in to after his father died and they had to sell the Lincoln Avenue house.

On Sunday, I’ll be posting a collection of pictures of the four Peabody sisters, Arla being the oldest. Her sisters played a significant role in the lives of Arla’s children after her death, and that connection continued until their deaths. They even kept in contact with me and I had several visits with them.

Next week, we’ll begin in January of 1941 and see what news we have from Grandpa, Ced and Dan in Alaska and Lad, who is still in Venezuela, but looking forward to coming home.

Judy Guion


10 thoughts on “Friends – Birthday Greetings From The Two “Jeeps” – April, 1940

  1. Arla says:

    Ugh, you know how I feel about snakes! My Dad’s letters from Venezuela have included “snake stories” and in fact, I have that picture. I think he might be the guy on the far right. In fact, I’ve been thinking that my fear of snakes may be “payback” from said reptiles, for my Dad’s escapades with them in Venezuela!!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Arla – Oh, yes, I do know how you feel about snakes !!! On the back of this photo, in my Dad’s printing, are the names “Walling – Hasenhauer – Lees” so I think they are the individuals holding the snake. It was taken in April of 1940.

  2. awax1217 says:

    That is one big snake. I am fascinated by animals including snakes. What are they thinking? Just basics. I do not think I could have handled the situation.

  3. gpcox says:

    A letter from outside the family and new photos, very refreshing and interesting, thanks, Judy.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      gpcox – You are quite welcome. I really am amazed that so many letters from friends were kept and have survived for over 70 years. I think it shows how important they were.

  4. Gallivanta says:

    Poor Lad. He always seems to be in ‘trouble’ for not writing to someone!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Gallivanta – At this point he was out in the bush, traveling from camp to camp as a “trouble-shooter” but they must have gotten mail, and they must have been able to send it too.Excuses will only carry one so far. I don’t think letter writing was his top priority…. and when he did write, I think he probably wrote to Grandpa first !!! :)

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