Trumbull – Report of Purchasing Agent – Feb., 1941

Report of purchasing agent

on Conn. Reg car T0-71

February 1, 1941

Purchase Agreement for Ced's 1937 Buick

Purchase Agreement for Ced’s 1937 Buick

Bought Jan. 30th, 1941, a 1937 Buick sedan, black, model 37-47, serial # 3130614, Motor # 43304745, price $400 from A. L. Clark Co., salesman, Priestley. Purchased and registered in the name of Cedric D. Guion, Daniels Farm Road, Trumbull.

Car formerly owned by man named Collins, used exclusively as family car and serviced by the A. L. Clark Co., mileage 38,400. At 23,000 miles it was thoroughly overhauled by the A. L. Clark Co., at which time the hydraulic brake system was thoroughly overhauled, pumps plungers etc., put in first class condition, brakes relined (this job alone cost $37), a valve and carbon job, new plugs and points, front end checkup, etc., which was all that was necessary to be done at the time to put it in A-1 running condition. It is equipped with four new Lee white sidewall tires and a spare tire on wheel, also in very good condition. It is equipped with an Arvin heater and built-in defroster and electric clock. The upholstery is said to be like new, owner having had slipcovers installed when purchased from the A. L. Clark Co., which have never been removed and are still in first class condition. The paint job looks like a new car. It is waxed and has evidently been driven carefully and kept up in excellent shape — not a scratch or dent on it, inside upholstery clean, unworn and unspotted. A trunk compartment in rear housing spare tire and tools. Double windshield wiper. It is a Buick special 8 cylinder. Drives beautifully, handles as well is my new Buick. Arnold’s comments: “I think this is just the car the boys want.” Price asked $475 with allowance of $50 for Arnold’s Packard, agreed to let me have it for $425 cash. Held out against all kinds of pressure for $400 although Arnold told me privately that from his knowledge of car values, if you could not get it for less than $425 to take it as it was worth that. However they finally consented to give it to me “as is” without customary 90 day guarantee, but with the private hint from the salesman that if anything was wrong to bring it in. The battery is not new and Arnold’s advice is, before starting for Alaska, to put in a first-class new battery of an approved make. My plan is to run it a few weeks and find out any weaknesses it might have and then have Arnold give it a thorough checkup before it starts on its western trip.

Brakes need to be taken up a bit. Does not burn oil, said to get from 15 to 17 miles per gallon. Registry fee $4.50 which expires April 1st. Two additional keys purchased for $.35. Will await instructions from you as to insurance. In the meantime Dick understands he is to use car in moderation. He may not drive it back and forth to work but does want to use it once or twice a week, nights for pleasure, subject to your consent. Due to the increase in employment in Bridgeport the market for used cars is quite active at the present time and Priestley says he could have sold this car to another fellow who was very anxious to buy it the same day. He had other cars he could’ve offered me at lower price but this was the cream of 1937 cars that they had come in for some time, so he says. Discounting the salesmanship in the remark it IS good value according to my amateur judgment and Arnold’s mechanical opinion. I feel satisfied I have carried out your instructions creditably and I hope you will feel the same, even though it is black and not some brighter color.

A.D. Guion P.A.

I’ll be finishing the week with two letters written by Grandpa to his sons, one to Lad, working in Venezuela, and the second to Dan and Ced, working in Alaska.

On Saturday, I’ll be posting the next installment of the Autobiography of Alfred Duryee Guion.

On Sunday I hope to begin the story of Ced’s “Coming of Age” Journey to the mid-west to connect with his mother’s family.

Judy Guion




7 thoughts on “Trumbull – Report of Purchasing Agent – Feb., 1941

  1. gpcox says:

    Great negotiator!

  2. Gallivanta says:

    What a detailed report!!!

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