Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure – July, 1934

Seventeen year old Ced has spent four days at the Chicago World’s Fair and is now ready to continue his search for Peabody family members, relatives of his Mother. He is traveling west to North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Y M C A   H O T E L

A Department of the Young Men’s Christian Association

826 South Wabash Ave.


Guest Correspondence

Dear Dad,                                                                               Sunday night

I am writing since I came in from the fair after my final visit. Went in at about 830 – it is now five of 12. Therefore I want to get to bed as I am leaving tomorrow morning (I sent a letter to Kenneth Peabody and he sent a telegram saying “we shall be very glad to have you come”) and so will not write anymore diary. The things I’m sending are marked as to what should be done. Some are to be kept but can be looked at also.

Lots of love,


P.S. here are three chances on a Chevrolet. If I win (which of course I will) they would send to Trumbull, therefore you should have them. The drawing is tomorrow new. There are also for extra cards for anyone who is interested.

This is the telegram from Kenneth Peabody, younger brother of Arla’s Father, Kemper.

CDG - Telegram from Kenneth Peabody - July 28, 1934

It reads:


             YMCA HOTEL   826 SOUTH WABASH AVE   CHGO=


             UNCLE KENNETH

The following letter was also written on July 28, 1934 and addressed to Ced at the YMCA Hotel in Chicago, from Aunt Nora.

Star Prarie


Route 1

July 28th

Dear Cedric,

Your letter came yesterday and we sent you a night letter telling you that we shall be happy to have a visit from you at this time. We are still at the same place only our Post Office has changed. I thought you might wonder at seeing a different address. Uncle K asked me to write you as he is busy at this time. Now about coming, if you are coming up by bus I think you can come to sSar Prairie, that is only 4 miles from us, if any way whether you come to New Richmond or Star Prairie, call up your Uncle Douglas by phone 126 when you get there. H and they will let us know where you are and Uncle Kenneth and Allen and Joyce, your cousins, will rmeet you. The children are pleased that you were coming. Allen is nine and Joyce seven. You also have another cousin to meet, only seven weeks – Muriel – she is brand-new and we think very sweet. We shall be glad to know of all the folks back East. Until then,

Lovingly yours,

Aunt Nora

CDG - Aunt Nora Peabody's (Mrs. Kemmeth) envelope - July 30, 1934

Next Sunday I’ll post Ced’s next letter home and some pictures of the relatives he meets.

Next week, We’ll spend a week in the spring of 1941 when everyone is anticipating Lad’s return from Venezuela, probably some time in June.

Why not share these posts with a friend or two, or maybe a relative who might have memories of this time in their lives.

Judy Guion



4 thoughts on “Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure – July, 1934

  1. So would this be Ced’s mother’s side of the family who he is trying to reconnect with?

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Yes, Carol. They are the relatives of his Mother, Arla’s father, Kemper Peabody. Arla was born and raised in North Dakota and moved to Mount Vernon, NY,when her father was appointed Construction Foreman for the New York Central Railroad. That’s where she met Grandpa, at church.

  2. gpcox says:

    Always a great subject. A wonderful adventure for a responsible young man.

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