Ced’s Coming Of Age Adventure (14) I’m On My Way – Aug., 1934

CDG - I'm On My Way Postcard - Aug., 27, 1934 - front

CDG - I'm On My Way - Aug. 27, 1934 - message

August 27

Dear Dad and family:

from New Richmond, Wisc.

I’m on my way and so far not much grass has grown under my feet. I left uncle Kenneth’s this morning and he took me about 5 miles. Since then I have received two rides and am now a New Richmond at least 10 miles away. I have only traveled about half an hour and am pleased so far with luck. All the Peabody’s send their love, hope you are fine and lots of my love.


This coming week, I’m going to post the letters from 1941 that I wasn’t able to post last week. They were written when Dan and Ced had been in Alaska and Dick had just delivered a car Grandpa bought on their behalf. Lad has just gotten home from Venezuela after working there for two and a half years.

Judy Guion


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