Peabodys and Duryees – Possible Job For Lad – June, 1941

Aunt Helen Human

Aunt Helen Human

June 26, 1941

Dear Lad —

We’ve been expecting you to call, perhaps – but maybe you have not yet been down this way since your last trip.

Today I had a letter from my Theodore in which he said – “It is possible that Laddie will receive an offer from the P.A.A. (Pan American Air Co.) to work on diesel road equipment with one of the units. The offer will come through New York – he may be sent first to Guatemala City. Tell him that if they send for him – he only knows me as a friend – as Mr. Human, and if he should meet me anywhere, it would be strictly Mr. Human, in all business contacts. In other words – No relationship” then he goes on to say – “Lad needn’t worry about draft – need not even mention it – if they make him an offer – it will be automatically taken care of – he would worked directly for the Pan American Airport Development Project.”

And that is why I am getting this off to you immediately, in case you get a call.

Grandmother, Aunt Dee and I send our best to all of you. After I get settled in Greenwich, I hope sometime during the next few weeks to make a trip to Trumbull.

Good luck to you in whatever work you follow up.


Aunt Helen

I’ll finish out the week with another long letter from Grandpa to his sons in Alaska.

Judy Guion


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