Special Picture # 27 – Mary Ellum Wilson – 1916

I’m going to continue with Special Pictures for the next few weeks because I’m having my knees replaced in July.After Rehab, I can probably get back to blogging but I just don’t have the time or the energy to do it now. I hope you continue to enjoy the pictures.


ellum 008

This is a picture of Mary Ellum Wilson , probably taken about 1915 or 1916, at about the time she begins her autobiography in England.  

Judy Guion


8 thoughts on “Special Picture # 27 – Mary Ellum Wilson – 1916

  1. quilt32 says:

    Such a precious picture.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Lillian – I agree. Family pictures of this age and quality are few and far between. Mary’s family is lucky to have these few pictures that are about 100 years old.

  2. Mom says:

    My daughter works on the joint replacement floor at our local hospital…she says to be a good patient, not too ornery, but most of all, do ALL of the rehab stuff exactly as they tell you! Then, you can be up and about again in no time. People who are lazy or overly cautious with their rehab are always the ones she sees as re-admits. Take care, and be diligent! <3 Kassie aka Mom

  3. gpcox says:

    You have kept up the most wonderful pictures of your family’s past – I hope you are coming along with your surgery and rehab as well.

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