Trumbull – A Double-Header Birthday Celebration (3) – Aug., 1940

I’m home from Rehab and will be posting letters again. This week, the letters are written in August of 1940, Grandpa’s letter is a real long one so I’ll be posting it over four days and them I’ll be posting a letter from Biss to her older brother Ced in Alaska.


August 15th, 1940

Dear Lad:

I take pleasure in presenting as our guest artist this evening, Miss Elsie M Guion, who will now step to the microphone, Miss Guion:

Aunt Elsie with Greg, Doug, Lynn and Judy (cropped) - 1953Good afternoon, dear children. It is a pleasure to see your bright smiling faces. Now, Ced, don’t give me the haw haw. Now that I have taken the applause I thank you. I am here again on one of my unavoidably-rare visits. For a few weeks Mrs. Burling came and I spent Saturday nights trimming the window so we can call Sundays are all. As I received a very urgent and pleasant invitation to come to a Dick-Elsie Birthday Celebration I got up really early and came. The day has been and is one to be happily remembered as it is done up in the usual Guion of Trumbull way.

One of the interesting things I have done recently is to pay a visit to LaGuardia airport. All the wonderful things I have heard about it or not mere talk. The whole thing was built on a high-class scale and is, I guess, the finest airport in the world. There is a boardwalk overlooking the field and extends the entire length of the field. Loudspeakers are constantly announcing that in five or 10 min. or so plane number so-and-so of the TWA or United or whatever, will arrive from Pittsburgh or Boston or Los Angeles. Or someone is wanted at the ticket office right away, or Mr. so-and-so should report to the information desk. Planes are constantly arriving and departing.

Nothing would do but we had to go up on a flight over New York. It cost four dollars for 22 min. of actual flying. It was in a 12 passenger transport plane carrying two pilots and hostess, just like we were headed for a far distant point. It was great!

Later on we had dinner in a lovely dining room overlooking the field. We could have sat there longer than we did as there was no feeling of being hurried.

The other afternoon, I was one of a party of five to see Alexander Woolly in “The Man who came to dinner”. It was a delightful comedy. Frankness was Woolly’s chief characteristic and he said many breathtaking things.

Business is a little better. I hope it’s permanent again and may be due to defense speed up and filters throughout to us. We have had some good sales from men from the automobile businesses in Detroit. I hear money flows freely out there. “They” say places outside of New York have more money and better business prevails.

Well, I can’t think of anything more of interest right now, so until next time, so long and goodbye….Elsie

NOTE BY ANNOUNCER: I had just started to do my stuff when my eyes spotted Miss Guion in the audience, hence the above.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting the rest of this letter to Lad from Grandpa and on Friday, I’ll post a letter from Biss to Ced in Alaska.

Judy Guion

4 thoughts on “Trumbull – A Double-Header Birthday Celebration (3) – Aug., 1940

  1. Love the airport description. Our nearest airport was alms like that when we first came to live here, now it’s an international hub.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Hilarry – With Aunt Elsie’s description, you feel like you are right there, experiencing it along with her. I’m not surprised with her descriptive ability, after all, she is Grandpa’s sister !!!

  2. Gallivanta says:

    Made me smile to think that once upon a time you could actually understand what was being said on the loudspeakers at airports. :D

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