Special Picture # 48 – Florida Trip – 1936

I believe these pictures, from Cindy Hall (a lifelong friend and daughter of Charlie Hall) were all taken around a trip to Florida that several guys took in the mid-1930’s. There may have been two trips and those who took the trip(s) were Art Mantle (Cindy’s Uncle, brother of Jane Mantle, wife of Charlie Hall), Arnold Gibson, Carl Wayne (future owner of The Red Horse Service Station), and my Dad, Lad Guion.

Art Mantle, Biss and Lad Guion, with Model T - 1932

This is Arnold Gibson’s Model T camper,maybe a 1924.  

It’s the car Art Mantle, Arnold Gibson and
Carl Wang(Wayne) drove to Florida when Art was home on boot camp leave in about 1936.
l to r : Art Mantle, Biss Guion, Lad Guion.
APG - Arnold Gibson's Motel T Ford Camper before FL trip - 1936
Arnold Gibson’s Model T Ford Camper, possibly a 1924 model.
APG - Lad resting on beach in FL - @ 1936
Lad Guion resting on beach in Florida @ 1936.
Cindy told me a story about this trip that she had heard about for years. It seems that, on the way home, they stopped for gas. One person was asleep in the back of the car, the others went in to the restroom, came out and hit the road again. The person who had been sleeping in the back had gotten out and gone inside the gas station, but no one had noticed. By the time they figured it out, apparently the person who’d been asleep had hitchhiked and had gotten home before the others.
Judy Guion



7 thoughts on “Special Picture # 48 – Florida Trip – 1936

  1. A Model T trip to Florida in those days would have been quite an ordeal.

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