Army Life – Potential Overseas Plans For Lad – July, 1944


BOX 491


July 1, 1944

Dear Dad – –

The letter with the news of Dick’s promotion, Dave’s return and Dan’s remain arrived Friday. It was very interesting and we enjoyed it very much. At the same time we got a letter from the Williams in Venezuela. Things have changed there quite a bit apparently, but the oil business is still going strong. Almost all of the fellows have gotten married, so I’m not the only one. But some of them have children, so they are ahead of me in that respect.

It seems that “D” Day for me is getting closer. Sometime this month the 142nd is being transferred to some camp in the East, but when, or where I don’t know. It looks as though I will have to go by train, so Marian may drive east in the Buick if there is any cause for it and if she can get someone to go with her. If she does, I’m hoping she can go on to Trumbull with some of my stuff for you to store. We will know more about the move later.

Right now the 3019th is doing some work in Camp Haan which is similar to that we did at Pomona before I left for my furlough. It appears that we did such a good job at Haan before we went out to the desert that the Colonel at Haan called us back from the desert and we spent only one week out there instead of two. For that I am very thankful and we did get a chance to see Death Valley. It was rather an uneventful trip and we had very little trouble. We were to return from Death Valley to the desert, and instead we returned to Haan and began work immediately. We have until July 6th to finish the work there. After that I don’t know what we will do.

We have been having a rather hot spell here. In fact the day before yesterday it was 115° in the shade. Out on the desert we didn’t mind the heat because it was so dry but it is a little more moist here and it is quite warm for Marian. Lots warmer than in South Pasadena.

Well, Dad, I have to get some gasoline before supper so I better get going, and I’ll mail this at the same time.

I’ve not been able to think of any appropriate reasoning yet for “Between The Acts” but give me time; I’ll come through yet. Love to all, from US

Hello, everyone –

Maybe we will be seeing you again very soon.


Tomorrow I’ll be posting another letter from Grandpa to his five sons, on Thursday, a letter from Rusty to Ced and a card from Arnold and on Friday, a letter from Marian to Grandpa.

Judy Guion


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