Trumbull – Grandma Moves Out – (2) – Aug., 1941

Aunt Helen Human, Aunt Anne Stanley, Aunt Dorothy Peabody,

Aunt Helen Human, Aunt Anne Stanley, Aunt Dorothy Peabody,

Page 2 of 8/31/41


Dave left last night with a school friend, Don Carmichael, to spend until Monday night at a camp at Lake Zoar. He goes back to school Wednesday and is really looking forward with pleasure to it.

I have just finished reading a new book called “Another Morning” relating the adventures of colonists who started the Matanuska experiment  ( ) . The description of an Alaskan winter, references to local places such as Palmer, Turnagin, Knick, Eklutna, Anchorage, etc. made it interesting by proxy. ( ) Of course, one never knows how close to facts the novelist sticks in writing an account of this sort. As a story I would rate it only fair. Maybe you have read it.

My hay fever has at last caught up with me again and as usual I am feeling rather low between bouts of itchy throat and ears, runny nose, inflamed eyes, to say nothing of sneezing spasms, so if this letter doesn’t sparkle and scintillate with bright sayings and witty comments you will guess the reason.

This week I invested $.25 on three chances for a Chrysler to be given away sometime in September, in your name, Ced, so don’t be surprised any day now to get a cable notifying you that you have a new car in the family.

Having run out of thoughts I have turned back to your former letters to see if anything would suggest itself, but alas I only come smack up against such things as this: Dan’s last letter to me was dated June 15th, Dick’s June 19th, while Old Faithful Ced,  during that time, has written six times. Maybe, like securities, you plan dividends every quarter and September will see another remittance.

While I have not seen Anne (Peabody Stanley) or the kids (Don and Gwen) I understand that they have gone back to Virginia, that Larry and Marion (Peabody) have bought a new house which they are very enthusiastic about, that Marion is visiting her mother in Vermont and Kemper (Peabody) and his family are still in Vermont. Burton (Peabody) is still awaiting word from the Army as to his new job area when he goes back it will be with the rank of major.

I have about sneezed every original thought out of my mind so there would seem no alternative but to close this unepical letter in the usual manner by signing off,


I’ll be posting Special Pictures on Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday, I’ll start posting letters written in 1944 when all five boys are scattered around the world and two are married. Lad and Marian are waiting to the Army to decide when and where Lad is going overseas. At that point, Marian will move to Trumbull to live with her father-in-law, Grandpa, where Dick’s wife Jean is already living.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Trumbull – Grandma Moves Out – (2) – Aug., 1941

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Interesting to learn about the Matanuska experiment. I feel your grandfather’s hayfever pain! Even with all the modern meds I have, allergies are no fun.

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