Trumbull – Dear Partners in Crime (2) – Aug., 1940

Dan, Ced and car

Dan, Ced and car

Page 2 of R-93

Dan’s letter enclosing the money order was a lollipaloosa. It starts:

Father dear, I sadly fear, this letter will come late,

But what the hell! You can’t fortell the vagaries of fate.

Uncle Sam doesn’t give a damn if ponies can’t express,

The tidings here of luck and cheer, your natal day to bless.


Sing hey to oats and barley

And give this check to Farley

The old fifth wheel

To Frank’s New Deal

will cash it without parley.

After that it is up to you and may it bring you as much fun as it is bringing  me to send it to you.

Well spoken, me lad. It will. (Note by the Editor)

He mentions going to Matanuska for the Colonists Fair on Labor Day and enjoyed himself in spite of the rain.

Ced’s long Labor Day letter was quite interesting. He gave quite a detailed account of his first ride over Anchorage and vicinity with the boss in one of their big five ton ships which experience makes him all the more eager to learn to fly. This he has a chance of doing if one of the members of the local flying club gives up his membership as he is apt to do if present plans to leave Alaska materialize. This will cost Ced about $200 cash. They have invested member’s money in a jointly owned Aeronca Chief (four-cylinder, 65 h.p. air cooled Continental engine, two passenger, dual control, a year-old). He related several interesting anecdotes of his dictato- like manner in which Col. Olsen manages the affairs of the Alaska R.R., and also on the crime situation. Because of cost of prosecution most murders are labeled suicides. Robbery is practically non-existent. Cars are left by roadside for two days with keys in the glove compartment untouched, gasoline in 50 gallon drums left in airway ramps unguarded is untouched, houses are seldom locked and the two banks in town have store type plate glass windows, no bars.

I finally learned that the Willys brought only $190 on forced sale, but under the circumstances they were facing, it was undoubtedly the wise thing to do. Both Dan and Ced are thinking of joining a ski club and also a singing group.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the next segment of this very long letter.

Judy Guion


4 thoughts on “Trumbull – Dear Partners in Crime (2) – Aug., 1940

  1. alesiablogs says:

    sharing about this must be so cathartic for you. You leave a legacy behind in words…And they are powerful.

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