Trumbull – Dear Partners in Crime (5) – Aug., 1940

Biss and Butch, 1940

Biss and Butch, 1940

Elizabeth is quite thrilled because her one and only started walking this last week, and while he maneuvers somewhat in the fashion of a sailor that is just come ashore or one who has imbibed a bit too freely, he definitely is walking. He has not really learned yet to talk but is growing steadily more interesting. His clear blue eyes, ready smile, good nature and little baby ways make his grandpappy very fond of him, perhaps because he reminds him of his own little brood that were that way not so very long ago, or so it seems.

Arvin Zabel, so Zeke tells me, is joining the Navy. No word yet from Art Mantle. Eleanor Kurtz is to be married next week, and that makes it 100% for the Kurtz’s in wedlock. Arnold and his bride have not yet returned. Nellie (Nelson Sperling) is still around as far as I know. I have asked Helen Plumb to send you boys absentee ballots so you can vote.

I hope you like the stuff I bought for you, Ced. If you do not, send it back and I will exchange it for something else. It isn’t what you would describe as olive green, and of course is not tweed but is the nearest thing to ripcord I could find ready-made at that price. You could have something made up to order from sample cloth which I could send you, but the cost for a suit would run from $15-$20.

I see that I shall have to be very careful to instruct my clipping service department to censor items extracted from the daily paper. What with Ugda Tablets and female complaints it must be a bit confusing to you Alaskan sourdoughs. I might perhaps be excused for the female complaints clipping in view of news as to miscarriages, etc., that I received a while back.

By the way, I have not yet figured out what the O D A in the night letter stands for. If the last letter were B I might take it you were referring to the clipping and meaant it to stand for Old Doc Brady.

To Dan:

          For the 25 bucks look to Farley, you say.

          But alas, my good lad, Farley’s called it a day.

          What with baseball and selling us more Coca Colas

          Why the hell should he give me them $25?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be posting Special Pictures.

On Monday, I’ll be posting letters written in 1941 when Lad has just returned from Venezuela and Dan, Ced and Dick are in Alaska. All the boys are getting worried about the draft situation.

Judy Guion

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