Trumbull – Dear Hart, Schaffner and Marx – Sept., 1941

Dan in white jacket in Alaska

Trumbull, Sept. 7, 1941

Dear Hart, Schaffer & Marx:

Today I have the ambition of a louse. If you have ever been a louse you will know exactly how I feel. Loosing one ambish with each sneeze for the last 10 days leaves the score minus something, so that it has been difficult indeed to lash up enough energy to get started on this miserable piece of English composition.

There was a rift in the clouds this week occasioned by receipt of a letter from Dan and a letterette from Dick, but such is the ingratitude and insatiable appetite of man, that already I am hoping for more this week in order to even up the score which is been so one-sided for so long a period.

As to Dan’s comments about cigar smoking, it seems to me it was just about a year ago next week that you wrote me about another cigar smoking episode involving a Rossi that you and one Swanson donated to your boss Bud Johnson. Is this cigar yearning a recurring annual event such as hay fever? Does it help you to write inspired letters? If so, I shall be tempted to send you a box. (I do not refer to the w.k. pine box). It may be your vacation trip to the peninsular villages would loosen a flood of descriptive waterfalls, some of which might get diverted to P.O. Box 7. The check you sent is being credited to your account. Thanks also for the pictures. These together with the others you have sent I have turned over to Barbara, as she has so many more that we and anyway, it is not possible to see them properly without the use of Helen’s projector. Which reminds me, if you want to know what I would like to have for Christmas, that’s it. I mean a projector with which to display some of the wonderfully colored little art gems you have sent home. They are really exceptionally beautiful. You will know if you have seen them projected on a screen, but cannot appreciate their beauty otherwise. The consensus of opinion seems to be that for scenic views and still life they are better than the colored movie films. Some of your shots were really of a place alongside the paintings of Corot or Turner. With two movie cameras up there and funds with which to purchase films I am surprised we have not received more Alaskan films recently.

Will somebody please tell me whether any of you were able to contact Dr. Laszlo. I know he was looking forward to seeing you. Possibly I was too enthusiastic in my build up with the corresponding letdown if none of you could spare the time to get away to meet him at the station or dock or what not.

Grandma and Dorothy left Wednesday and are now installed in a new apartment. The visit did Dorothy lots of good.

As questionnaires seem to be a popular national pastime these days, I am enclosing one for each of you boys, which will be one method of getting answers to some of the questions that arise in one’s mind from time to time.

Maybe I’ll feel more like writing next week. Right now I can’t think of any news anyway, other than the usual Aunt Betty sends love, Dave has started back to school and likes his teachers, Carl received a letter from Ced, Dad sneezes and wheezes, etc. So with a hail (Spelled Hell) to the lowly ragweed, this is station D A D signing off.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting the questionnaires for each son.

For the rest of the week, I’ll be posting parts of a newspaper article about Dan’s trip to the Kenai Peninsula which includes excerpts from a letter he wrote to Grandpa telling of his experiences and impressions.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Trumbull – Dear Hart, Schaffner and Marx – Sept., 1941

  1. Gallivanta says:

    I like the idea of a letterette. The sneezes I don’t like at all.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Gallivanta – It would have been good if the boys had picked up on the idea of a letterette and sent one weekly. Grandpa really would have appreciated it.
      I remember Grandpa suffering terribly with hay fever. I
      m so glad I didn’t inherit that gene!

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