Trumbull – Dear Hart, Schaffner and Marx – Questionnaires – Sept., 1941

Dan in white jacket in Alaska


(To  be filled in with adequate detail, and returned promptly to  ADG)


What has become of your Spanish class and typewriter instruction course? Are you now taking any other education courses? WHY?


Are you devoting any time to cultural activities, such as reading, study, church, music, etc. Give details.


What are your principal recreations? Give example of typical week.


What is state of your health? Are you troubled with irregular bowel movements, colds, headaches, anything else (No wisecracks — this is serious) are you taking care of your teeth and eyes?


A you putting aside a definite sum of money in bank or other savings depository? Do you budget your money? If not, will you?


Name three articles you would like as Christmas gifts. (Give details)


What would you suggest as a wedding gift for Rusty?


Do you want your auto driver’s license renewed in Connecticut?


What became of your Home Building and Loan book?


Other remarks:




(Please fill out and return promptly)


Are you eating in restaurants or have you located another regular eating place?


How many solo hours have you now to your credit Western Mark (Saw Dive Bombers, a new movie, yesterday, and would just as leave have you on the ground)


Did you ever receive the shoe holder I ordered sent to you?


Would you boys like any of the following: a portable shower outfit, heating pad, small electric fan for steering wheel of car?


Name three gifts you would like for Christmas (no kidding)


What wedding gift would you suggest for Rusty?


How much money are you able to save over living expenses and what you sent me Western Mark how are you investing it?


What are your regular hours of work? Do you have much over time?


Give example of typical week as far as recreation is concerned.


Have you continued in any of your singing activities or church affiliations ?


Do keep fairly free from colds? Do you have sneezing spells up there like you did here? Are you troubled with headaches, indigestion? Have you had your teeth looked over recently ?


Did you pass your flying exam without any reservations ?








(Please fill in promptly and fully and return at once to A.D.G.)


Refer to my letter of July 13 asking for details about your job. Please give full details below.


What are you doing about selling my old movie camera?


What became of your Home Building and Loan deposit book?


Please tell me what packages of birthday gifts you received as several shipments were made at different times as I want to be sure you received them all.


Name three articles you would like as Christmas gifts.


What would you suggest as a wedding gift for Rusty?


Have you a budget and are you making regular planned savings as you intended to do?


In such leisure time as you have what are your recreations?


Are your teeth or eyes troubling you? You have trouble with your bowels? Headaches? Indigestion? Colds? Anything else?


Please give a description of what happened on your birthday.


Other remarks:

For the rest of the week, I’ll be posting pieces of a newspaper article about Dan’s Labor Day trip to the Kenai Peninsula.The article includes excerpts from Dan’s letter to Grandpa about his impressions, in Dan’s unique style of writing.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Trumbull – Dear Hart, Schaffner and Marx – Questionnaires – Sept., 1941

  1. Gallivanta says:

    And did your grandfather get any responses?

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