Trumbull – New Office News – Sept., 1940

Alfred Duryee Guion (my Grandpa)

Alfred Duryee Guion (my Grandpa)

R-94                      Sept. 21, 1940

Dear Lad, Dan and Ced:

The hour is late, I am a bit weary and there is little news, so this will be a short letter. It is late and I am weary because ever since I got through with the dinner dishes I have been outside lugging wood from the barn to the cellar window near the oil barrels. Mr. Burr, Harry and Dick have been sawing up the trees which were cut down and piled by the barn door. I should say that by dark three quarters of the logs were sawn and piled near the window. Dave, who has been to a Boy Scout Camporee since last night, got home late this afternoon and joined in helping me with the wheelbarrow and piling. My back muscles, unused to this sort of work, are feeling the strain.

This week promises to be a busy one for I shall try to move in my car, piecemeal, the smaller stuff that I can manage alone from the old to the new office. The address is 871 Main St. It is on the same side of the street as the Bridgeport Peoples Savings Bank. Next to the bank building is the Bridgeport Land & Title Co., then my building, the ground and second floors of which are occupied by lawyers – Webb and Harris, then comes the vacant lot where I shall park my car and then the old Park Theater building. We occupy the entire third floor, a space approximately 50 feet long by 18 feet wide, windows front and back, steam heat furnished. The entrance is at the back on the third floor and I shall have an office partitioned off near the door, leaving the front part for working space. Along one side wall, shelves and bins will be built for paper, cuts, magazines, supplies etc. There is a toilet and sink at the rear. I have a three year lease at $25 a month, including heat. I have been paying $50 in the old place. My rent in the Security Building was $150. Paper and supplies will be delivered in the basement and will be carted by hand in small lots upstairs. Phone number will remain the same. Occupancy October 1st.

If you get a chance to see a movie called “Foreign Correspondent”, ( ) don’t miss it. It has the most thrilling airplane wreck I have ever seen in movies. And speaking of cinemas, I passed a theater yesterday whose display sign read “My Love Came Back – Babies For Sale”. ( ) I don’t know if this is what Grandpa saw but it is possible. I don’t understand the reference to “Babies For Sale.”

What are you Alaskans going to do about winter clothes? You had both better send me your chest measurements so that I can pick up woolen sweaters etc., as I see some that look good.

Again last week I received letters from all three of you. Lad’s was a single sheet written in longhand announcing the moving of his camp to the location of the active wells. Ced, a nice newsy letter with welcome suggestions for books, some sage advice on car purchases and an entirely unnecessary apology for not doing more on my birthday, which if you had read my last letter you will realize is not so, and Dan, a very welcome letter to my office discussing seriously several important topics which I shall want to write him about at more length later.

Danny Slawson and Skipper Wildman have enlisted in the Army and Bill Kallsten in the Navy. A “dark horse” named Bailey has been nominated as First Selectman on the Republican ticket, with Les Whitney as Second. I am out. Davis has been re-nominated by the Democrats. All day yesterday I was at the Town Hall making voters. Of the 460 names on the To Be Made list, 227 appeared, of which number 86 declared themselves as Republicans and 12 Democrats. Helen tells me you will be unable to vote the town elections but she has sent absentee ballots to you all for the national and state elections. It cost her 75 cents to send Lad’s.

Now for a bath and to bed. Lots of love to you all. By the way, it’s Dave’s birthday on the 30th.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll be posting a letter from Grandpa which includes news of the office move, Dave’s birthday, notes to Lad and Dan, a dissertation on feelings about the war for Ced to consider and a poem to Dan. The next letter is also a three-pager, so Instead, I’ll do something special on Friday.

Judy Guion


4 thoughts on “Trumbull – New Office News – Sept., 1940

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Your grandfather may be tired but that is still quite a few words; he did well.

  2. etenwa says:

    I totally love this

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