Trumbull – Dave’s Birthday and a Move – (2) – To Lad and Dan

Page 2 of R-95

From a financial standpoint the thing to do would be to try to rent the big house for the winter, letting the lessor heat it and Dave and I live in the apartment, and Dick when and if he comes back. And I suppose renting it furnished would be quite possible because with the rapid expansion of Sikorsky, Remington Arms, General Electric Company, Bridgeport Brass and others who are bulging with war orders, there is likely to be a housing shortage, and living quarters at a premium. What would your reaction be to anything of this sort?

My safety valve popping and letting off steam about the Peabody’s taking advantage seems to have drawn blood, if I can mix my metaphors a bit. I probably made it sound more serious than I feel. Perhaps it was a little brainstorm I had at the moment, keenly felt at the time, but I should probably fall for a good line again. As for Dick, I am applying no pressure at all, in fact, I sometimes wonder if that is not the trouble. There is so little restraint, and so free range given, that this may be the very difficulty. I wish you boys were here to talk over the whole thing so that I could be sure I were following the right procedure. I have not had time to hear from Lad yet but you both have been very helpful in what you have written.

LAD: I did not hear from you this week, so there is nothing to comment APG - Flor Wiliams with snakeskin - 1945upon. Fred Chion’s letter to Dan has been returned by Aunt Helen to whom I sent it at Dan’s request, for Ted to read. It is very interesting, so much so that I think you will enjoy reading it. It is enclosed. Dan also wrote to Ted some time ago, tactfully telling him how much he owed to his experience in Venezuela, and how in retrospect he enjoyed his stay there and also, which was a bit of a surprise, that he was somewhat disappointed in Alaska.

DAN: Thanks for the four snapshots enclosed with your letter. It answers a Dan in white jacket in Alaskaquestion I have been meaning to ask you for some time and that is about the electricity. Are all the houses equipped with electric lights, so that you can plug-in radios, electric razors, heaters, toasters, etc.? Wires on polls seem to indicate the presence of “juice” and Ced’s letter referring to Mrs. Walsh’s intention of giving him two electric hot plates sort of clinches the idea. Are rates considerably higher there than here? Miss Denes told me to tell you that there is so much building going on at Storrs ( University of Connecticut) that you would probably not recognize the place now. Don’t forget to write to Aunt Betty in time for her birthday which is on October 11th. And speaking of birthdays, what is it that your fond parent could send to you that would be welcome? Please answer this question promptly, fully and helpfully no matter what ideas you may hold of the silliness a birthday gift, etc. As to your letter, or shall I call it the Saga of the Segar, it has already taken its place next to the essay on the ass riding experience. There is a chance for a pun here but I will not stoop so low.

CED: Hurray for the Pilot’s Club membership. You put it across. Now you Judy_0003know how Willkie will feel on Election Day. By the way, I saw a Willkie button the other day which said “Thanksgiving Day – – November 5”, and another which said “And we don’t want Eleanor either”. Heartiest congratulations, old scout. I know how much this meant to you and the fact that you won out in spite of competition is very gratifying that you won out in spite of competition is very gratifying.

Tomorrow, the final section of this letter with Grandpa’s views on the war in response to Ced’s position as a Conscientious Objector.

On Friday, a special entry.

Judy Guion



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