Early Years – Lad’s Motorcycle – 1925 Harley

APG - Motorcycle Registration Renewal - 1925 Harley

Lad owned a 1925 Harley-Davisson. I’m not sure of the model, but here’s a link to one model:  http://owlshead.org/collections/detail/1925-harley-davidson-model-jd

He sold it after two or three accidents.


2 thoughts on “Early Years – Lad’s Motorcycle – 1925 Harley

  1. Wise man, too many of his generation died that way. My father had tremendous scars from a motorbike accident and when we grew up we were firmly taught to drive, helped to get (very second-hand) cars and made to promise we would not ride motorbikes.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Hilary – My Dad also taught me to drive…meticulously… I had to learn where my tires were by driving over a soda can in the driveway with one or the other wheel – he didn’t let me know which one until it was almost too late. Then I had to drive up to a construction cone with an egg balanced on it. I had to stop within two inches !!! I used the same tricks with my daughters… and they have used some on my grandchildren !!! His legacy continues….

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