Special Picture # 87 – Grandpa’s 1926 Christmas Card

Grandpa used his talents to design and print unusual Christmas cards. I don’t have them all, but this is the oldest one I can find. The Guion family moved in to the Trumbull house in December, 1922, so this is a very early one. I believe Grandpa wrote the verse himself. 


ADG - 1926 Christmas Card


4 thoughts on “Special Picture # 87 – Grandpa’s 1926 Christmas Card

  1. Mrs. P says:

    I’m curious about the reference of 1756. Is that when his mother fled?

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Mrs. P. – Next weekend,you’ll see this card plays a role in another Christmas greeting from 1956. This additional information is supplied: “This 30-year-old Christmas Card is based on the legend of the flight to Trumbull on horseback in 1779 of Mrs. Mary Silliman, who “from a home on Daniels Farm Road near the present center of Trumbull” watched the burning of Fairfield by the British. The “home” later was identified as the Elikiam Beach homestead adjoining the present Guion home.”

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