Trumbull – Dear Sons of Sneezy (1) – Aug., 1944

Grandpa’s letter this week is short but he did include an “EXTRACT of Ced”, which gives us quite a clear picture of the kind of work he does at Woodley Aircraft and some interesting facts about a special time each year. I’ll be posting those sections tomorrow and the next day.

Trumbull, Conn., August 27, 1944.

Dear Sons of Sneezy:

For the past 15 minutes I have been sitting inertly in front of my machine here trying to get enough energy up to start this letter. My brain is in a semi-comatic state, if that is the proper word, a series of sneezes is lurking within breathing distance, my nose is dripping, my throat itches internally, my eye overfloweth, my head feels as if I had been out all night – – in a word, I have hay fever; and if this weekly effort seems to lack that certain scintillating spark that causes Aunt Betty to remark faithfully each week, “Oh, Alfred, I don’t know how you do it!” You, my wise one, will know the answer – – he’s got the misery.

But in spite of that “bird cage flooring” feeling, I will bravely do my duty, having made my apologies in advance, knowing you will all overlook the frailties of human nature inherent in this humble person in my present delicate condition.

On the afternoon of 22nd of August I returned to my office to find their awaiting me Skippy Wildman and an attractive WAC. You guessed it. They wanted to be married. I did. She is (or was) a Miss Francis Brooks of Snyder, Okla., and now stationed at Fort Devens. He is Corporal, an M. P. at Jackman, Me.

Get out your address books, boys – – there are a couple of changes to record:

T/3 Alfred P. Guion, 31122058, 3019 Co., 142 O.B.A.M. Bn. ASFTC, Miss. Ord. Plant, Flora, Miss.

Sgt. Richard P. Guion, 31324665, 1150th  AAF, SAD ATC, APO 619, c/o P.M. Miami, Fla.


I have not yet heard from Marian but as Lad’s Change of Address card was mailed from Pomona, August 19th, I suppose by this time, or surely by the time you receive this, they will have been shaken down in their new quarters. No further word either from Dave or Dan, and Jean says Dick’s letter had no startling developments to reveal. And while on the subject of Jean, I suppose I may be said to have sneezed her out of house and home, for she has departed for a week’s sojourn with a friend in Long Hill. So Aunt Betty will stand alone the brunt of my choler. (That’s a four dollar word and if you don’t know what it means, better look it up in the dictionary. I haven’t the energy). (I did – anger or ill humor)

Ced - 1938

That brings us down to Ced, and what a nice long interesting letter he wrote this time. It is worthy of being quoted in full, but again, that feeling of lassitude rears its ugly head and I shall compromise with snatches here and there, trying to strike a happy balance with my conscience on the one hand and deadening hand of listlessness on the other. (I wonder if the ancient Greeks or Romans had a God of laziness. I never heard of it, if so).

I have just had my car simonized by Premak’s Service Station. This, if you must know, is the successor of Carl Wayne’s place and is run, as you may have guessed, by a man named Premak, who has lately been released from the service and seems a very nice young chap. Because he is having a hard time getting along in the face of Ed Dolan’s friendly manner and efficient service, I thought I would help him out with this job which has been needed for some time to be done, especially in view of the fact that Ed does not simonize cars.

Feverishly yours,


Tomorrow and Wednesday, I’ll be posting “EXTRACT of Ced”, an excerpt from Ced’s letter to Grandpa which is quite entertaining and informative.

On Thursday, a letter from Marian to Grandpa as she travels from Pomona to Jackson, Miss.

On Friday, I’ll post Marian’s first letter after arriving in Jackson (slightly out of order) because Grandpa’s next letter is a 2-day post.

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be posting the last two of  Grandpa’s Christmas Cards, which I didn’t get ready before knee replacement surgery. I ran out of time and “the best laid plans” never came to fruition. I hope you enjoy them.

Monday will begin a week of letters written back in 1940, when Lad was still working for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company in Venezuela, Dan and Ced were both in Alaska and Grandpa, Dick and Dave were holding down the fort in Trumbull.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Trumbull – Dear Sons of Sneezy (1) – Aug., 1944

  1. Mrs. P says:

    I’d heard of simonize before but had to look it up. Funny, I never hear of it in that context. I thought it was a steam cleaning.

    Welcome home! And, your last sentence doesn’t make sense as it is pat Christmas. 😀

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Mrs. P. – Thank you for pointing out the inconsistency of my message at the bottom. As you can see, I have corrected it.

      As I recall, to Simonize a car meant to wax it. As you can see from this link,, Simonize was a Brand name of a paste wax used on cars.

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