Special Picture # 102 – Grandpa’s 1964 Christmas Card

Grandpa’s 1964 Christmas Card was had already been designed and was coming together when he passed away on September 13th, two days after his 80th Birthday. The family decided to send it out to his Christmas Card List along with a special final message found among his papers. Please enjoy.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - Title page

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - Chancellor's Message & Main Campus

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - Faculty - Main Campus

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - Huntington Campus

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - Keene (New Hampshire) Campus

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - Holderness (New Hampshire) Campus

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - Lake Winnipesaukee Summer Camp and 2nd Annual Picnic at Huntington Campus

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - Alumni Association & High School Graduates

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - High School and Junior High School StudentsADG - 1964 Christmas Card - Pre-schoolers and Travelinquents

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - Business Stsff and Final Message

Tomorrow, we go back to letters written in 1940. Lad is working in Venezuela and Dan and Ced are working in Alaska.

Judy Guion

9 thoughts on “Special Picture # 102 – Grandpa’s 1964 Christmas Card

  1. alesiablogs says:

    This Christmas i received the last card from a man that was like a second dad to me. He had died 2 days before i got it and it just choked me up.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      I think it is very sad that the tradition of Christmas cards is fading over the years. E-cards just aren’t quite the same. It’s good to keep in touch with friends, even if it’s only once a year.

  2. Mrs. P says:

    It was very hard to read this wonderful card due to the print size. Fortunately I have a very large magnifying glass for doing needlework and made it through all but the last closing letter from Grandfather. Would it be too selfish to ask you to transcribe it? It seems like an important one.

    I am glad to know that you help compile this final card for everyone to receive.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      I’m away for four days of training but will do it when I get home. Yes, it was a very special message.

      Sent from my iPhone


      • jaggh53163 says:

        On September 13, 1964, just two days after his 80th birthday, dad passed peacefully on to the great unknown. As he was already working on this “Year Book” Christmas message to you, and because we knew he would have wanted us to, we have decided to publish it.
        Also, among his effects, we found this additional message which he intended to be his final message. We send them both along to you.
        The Guions

        When you receive this card I shall have faded into the mysterious silence of eternity.
        In my annual Christmas greetings for the last several years I have striven each year to create something a bit out of the ordinary and in this, my final message, I want to adhere to the same tradition.
        It is difficult to tell another what the Hartfield’s. Man is inarticulate in the presence of deep emotions and profound truths. He can feel the verities but cannot express them. Yet at the imminence of approaching departure when consents part of the meaning behind the experience we label “life”.
        Everyone in his earthly journey has passed through periods of storm and sunshine, gloomy nights and glad some days. Among the latter were gratefully numbered those little human contacts, pleasant words and kindly deeds that have made me want to remember you and tell you so at that recurring season of open hearts and good – will, known as Christmastime.
        I have felt that as I approach the inevitable day and realize I cannot wait around indefinitely to see the fruition of all the wonderful achievements of science, medicine, atomic power, outer space, etc., or the blossoming into flour of all of my promising grandchildren, that the kind the father of a song grasps my hand and with a friendly smile says: “Come, little man, you’ve had a busy day. It’s bedtime now. Put away all your toys till tomorrow, and then when you awake to a bright new day there will be awaiting you delights and wonders far beyond your fondest dreams. All your playmates will be there too, so say ‘good night’, and happy dreams.”
        In a recent book there is told the story of an Indian isolated in the California Hills, the last of his race, who, driven by starvation, wandered into the world of the hated white man who fed and cared for him and learned the ancient unwritten philosophy of life and death of his people, as expressed in the following lines:
        When I am dead cry for me a little. Think of me sometimes, but not
        too much. It is not good for you or your wife or your husband or
        your children to allow your thoughts to dwell too long on the dead.
        Think of me now and again as I was in life at some moment which
        is pleasant to recall. But not for long. Leave me in peace as I
        shall leave you, to, in peace. While you live let your thoughts
        be with the living.
        It’s been a good long day in my case and I’m happier for having known you.

        I tried to copy the signature but couldn’t get it onto this reply.but I’ll tell you, I was crying while I transcribed the message.

  3. Judy, what a great and lasting legacy.

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