Trumbull – Score is 100% This Week (3) – Day-by-day Record – Oct., 1940

No. R-98

October 20, 1940

Trumbull, Conn.

Dear Dick:

DPG - Dick on Island         Was very glad, of course, to receive your letter written from 454 1/2 Mandalay Blvd., Clearwater Beach. You can sing your own song about the Road to Mandalay now. It was interesting also to know that you located Aunt Anne. While you did not say so, I assume you stayed the night at her house. Incidentally, I have, since receiving your letter, re-mailed the one that was returned, to her again. Sorry you could not have stopped in Washington and looked up your cousin who wrote me she was expecting you, had a daughter about your age who was anxious to meet you, etc.

Donald Whitney stopped in the other night to ask me if I would give him a character reference letter to use in applying for enlistment in the Marine Reserve Corps. Incidentally, I served on the local Conscription Enrollment Board which met at the Center School. During the day we handled the enrollment of 99 men. There was a total of 330 from Trumbull. Many other Trumbull men of course enrolled in Bridgeport. I am waiting with interest to hear from Dan and Ced on their experiences in Alaska and also whether Lad filled out any application sent to him from his Company in New York.

Carl and Ethel are thinking of getting married about February 1st and were hoping to get the apartment about the first of the year so Ethel could furnish it. This may yet be possible if the Times Star man backs out. I told Karl I would be willing to bet that one of Ced’s great regrets about being in Alaska was the fact that he could not be present at Carl’s wedding to “do his bit”, but that probably Bill Slawson would not need any help at that.

Incidentally, I also heard that it was a strong possibility that Benny Slawson, after enlistment, wouldbe sent to Alaska.

How long do you expect to stay at Clearwater Beach? Be sure you let me know what your plans are far enough in advance so there will be time for your letter to reach me and me to get a reply back to your next mailing stop before you reach it. Two weeks would be a safe margin, I should say.

Dan is anxious to be kept posted on your doings, and in his last letter says, “Dick, you rat, if you head for Florida let me in on the trip as it progresses. You ought to keep a day–by–day record of it for posterity. It is more fun to read over such a journal in later days than it is to live it. Take it from an old peregrine.” By the way, the boys address now is Box 822, Anchorage, AK.

Ced promises to send me, as soon as he can get it from the photographer, an air view of Anchorage. He also writes he got a bonus with his last paycheck, which may turn out to be a raise. He is a bit modest, but if his boss knows him as well as I do, there should be no doubt about its being a raise. He also mentions finding out in the course of a conversation with the only girl member of the flying club that she comes from New Milford – – usual remark about the world being a small place, etc.

Not much local news that I can think of except that Mr. Davis evidently is a poor loser and claims he is going to make trouble for the new Republican administration. It started by Davis claiming the new first Selectman, Bailey, ought to pay him the equivalent of one week of his salary for helping him to get started, based on the premise that that was what he (Davis) did in my case, which is about as cold a lie as anyone could tell.

Tomorrow, a quick note from Ethel Bushey to Lad and the first part of a letter from Grandpa to his sons.

On Friday, I’ll finish the week with the rest of the letter from Grandpa.

On Saturday and Sunday, Special Pictures.

On Monday, I’ll begin posting a week of letters written in 1941. Lad has returned from Venezuela and is working at the Producto Plant in Bridgeport, Dan has returned from Alaska and is also working at Producto, and Ced and Dick are both still in Alaska. Judy Guion


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