Trumbull – Dear Isolationists (1) – Mail Delivery and a Party – Oct., 1941

Trumbull, Conn., October 26, 1941

being the Sunday next before Dan’s birthday

Dear Isolationists:

For that is what you are, if delayed mail delivery is any indication of your being cut off from civilization. On the 21st I received three letters from Alaska, one dated the 6th from Ced, one of the same date from Dick and one dated the 13th from Ced. Evidently mail delivery goes back on its old winter schedule, which last year led me to conclude that regular mail took no longer and sometimes less time in transit than airmail. On November 15th, according to the paper, regular American airline stops will be made at Bridgeport, so that airmail service as far as Bridgeport is concerned, will be better than ever. Sometime, if you get an opportunity, ask someone in authority in your post office if there is any route or any special way of addressing letters so that swift airmail delivery will be assured. Are my letters delayed in reaching you, too, of late? Why should letters mailed a week apart in Anchorage, on which the extra airmail postage is paid, both be delivered on the same day here? So that is the answer to all my frantic accusations that you haven’t written. I thought with the new arrangement in Canada inaugurated last summer, that these delays in airmail service would be eliminated.

DBG - Dan's Self Portrait - 1939 - Cropped again (2)



DPG - with Zeke holding Butch

Alfred Peabody Guion

Dan and Dave have gone out in my car this afternoon for a shortdrive on the Parkway. Dan is hoping to be able to take some colored shots of the changing foliage. Aunt Betty, after some persuasion, was induced to go along. Lad and Dave worked all morning at my office. Lad getting the old automatic feed for the multi-graph in working order so that we could turn out a large order for labels for Wheeler Wire, and Dave running off a multi-graph letter needed first thing tomorrow.

Friday night Elizabeth gave a sort of off-hand party at her house in honor jointly of Dan’s birthday to come and Butch’s birthday just passed. The girls brought eats. The regular gang was there. Nothing much in the way of entertainment was planned but a good time was had by all from subsequent reports.

Jean M (Mortensen, who eventually married Dick) we do not see so frequently as of yore. As you probably know, Dick, she is no longer at Howland’s (Department Store) but is now with Harvey Hubble (Shirt Manufacturer). The young fellow who was running around a bit with Barbara when Dan was a way up north palling with Kodiak bears, has now transferred his attentions to Jean Hughes, which sort of leaves Red out on a limb. Just as I was writing this sentence, Red dropped in. He is here now and seeing that I was writing to you suggested that I send you the enclosed article on the Flying Wing.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting page 2 of this letter which is a discussion of Grandpa’s views  and Ced’s convictions as a Conscientious Objector.

On Wednesday, I’ll post the final portion of the letter with bits and pieces of Trumbull news.

Thursday and Friday will be another letter from Grandpa to his Absent Ones, Dick and Ced, still in Alaska.

On Saturday and Sunday some new Special Pictures.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Trumbull – Dear Isolationists (1) – Mail Delivery and a Party – Oct., 1941

  1. Janet says:

    Reblogged this on Janet’s thread and commented:
    This is a fascinating blog. Follow this family’s life through the loving letters of the Dad, written as the shadows of impending war were getting darker in Connecticut and Alaska.

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