Trumbull – Alaskan Cranberries and the Draft (2) – Nov., 1940

Dan, Ced and car

Dan, Ced and car

R – 102    November 17, 1940


Dear Bimbos:

What have I done to make you drop me from your list of correspondents? Here I am faithfully wearing my index finger to the bone every Saturday afternoon and evening typing letters to various parts of the inhabited world whereas the record shows that the last letter I received from Dan was dated October 15th and from Ced some undated time the latter part of October (received here Nov. 11th). Gosh, it’s almost worthwhile being a sweetheart so a month won’t elapse without some word from you, Danny boy, and with Ced taking flying lessons, how do I know but what he made a forced landing in the tundra someday. Then too, about a week ago I read a notice in the Bridgeport paper that a bunch of boys at the Anchorage airbase had been seriously ill with tell tomaine poisoning. I’ll get gray hairs (more of them) quicker by not hearing from you than I will from hearing bad news, unless it’s too bad, so have a heart and one of you write me at least once a week, even if it’s only a postal. I would also like to hear, at your convenience Dan, whether Mrs. McCain did anything special for your birthday.

Dave told me that Barbara had received her parka and was much pleased with it. I forgot to ask her how her cranberries came out. I saw the can when it arrived in a much damaged condition but most of the berries looked all right although some on the top were smashed up a bit. The address tag was so smeared up that Eleanor Kurtz could not decipher it and knowing it came from Alaska thought it might be for me, but I could make out enough to see that it was probably intended for the Plumbs. If it does not cost too much to mail a box of these, I was thinking the other day that probably Mrs. Heurlin would greatly appreciate having some as they are, according to Rusty, very similar to the berries they get in Sweden.

I am enclosing a page from this Sunday’s Bridgeport Post about Alaska which I have read with great interest. You will be better able to determine, then I, how nearly true the unprovable statements are by comparing them with the statements of facts that you can verify from your own personal knowledge.

Jane Mantle is home and invited Dick out last night to some affair on a blind date. He did not say today whether the girl he went with, who was said by Jane to have a profile like Hedy Lamarr, was up to expectations or not. Dick is trying to get a job but so far has been unsuccessful. I sent him over to see my friend at Ashcroft and his application is on file there and also I believe, at General Electric, but so far with no tangible result.

We keep going at the office, once in a while a rush job but nothing to justify the rumor of a boom. Payrolls seem to be higher according to statistics that is mainly because a few big companies like Remington Arms, Bridgeport Brass (shells for ammunition), General Electric and Sikorsky are busy with government contracts. Sooner or later I suppose, it will seep down through to industry in general, and with more employment and people able to buy more, it ought to react on all manufacturing to some extent and be reflected in my little business.

This is rather an “off” week as far as local news is concerned. Everything is running along as usual on an even keel with no high spots to speak up, so I am keeping my ear close to the ground to hear anything of interest from the North country. Lad just sent me a 5-page single spaced letter telling me about his visit to make some repairs on an oil well on a little island north of Venezuela.


Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll post more Special Pictures.

On Monday, we’ll go back to Alaska in the War and June of 1942.

Judy Guion


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