Trumbull – Dear GOOD Boys (1) – Nov., 1940

APG - Ballgame at Pariaguan, 1940

Lad also took stills of a ballgame. Whether this is the same game or another. it is probably very similar to the one he took the movie of.  He doesn’t identify the people on the back, only Pariaguan, April, 1940. 

Nov. 24, 1940    R-103    Trumbull, Conn.

Dear GOOD Boys:

You are all O.K. this week  —  letters from each of you restored good spirits and contentment in the old homestead and make the November sun shine more brightly and warmly and the harvest moon look bigger and mellower. Lad writes a full account covering five pages of a detailed description of his visit to the small island of Cubagua off the northern coast of Ven., Where he had been ordered to go with some repair parts to restore Caterpillar equipment to first-class running condition. His various trips in a small launch about the size of an erstwhile Helen, all described so clearly that you could almost feel you were present, makes interesting reading not only for the immediate family but for various visitors and inquirers. Dan wrote interesting episodes, one being the surprise party which I started with my small check to Mrs. McCain and request that she spent it in pinch hitting for Dad on Dan’s birthday. And last to arrive, a welcome letter from Airplane Pilot Ced, marking another chapter in his father’s education on Alaskan aeronautics. Reminds me of John Alton in again “The Courtship of Miles Standish”, all of whose letters were filled with reference to Priscilla.

Lad: Last week also brought from the Eastman Kodak Co., the enclosed real of colored 8 mm Venezuelan films, and I accordingly put through my purchase of the new projector so that we could have everything in readiness for our Thanksgiving party too which I have invited Aunt Betty, Aunt Elsie and Bissie if she can and wants to come. It is on holidays that I miss you boys most of all but it won’t be so bad this time with Dick still here with us and the two aunts present. But to go back to the films. Of course we had to have a preview. The first batch of pictures showed the ballgame and were quite good except that perhaps, in a few places, you moved the camera too quickly. There were many absolutely blank places and some with just a faint ghostlike picture of what seemed to be some interiors. Unless you have a very bright light inside, can open your shutter wider or obtain a much more sensitive film, it would seem to be an absolute waste to try to take interiors. Later on in the film the views of some señoritas taken outdoors where fairly good but the big hats shading their faces and the dark glasses they wore destroyed much of the detail. While in general the real was not eminently satisfactory, it is a lot better than the first reel I took home here on our movie camera and the colors certainly added much to the appearance. It would also add something to the showing if we had, to accompany it, a guide to tell us what each scene was about, where it was not entirely obvious. Did you keep notes of the various scenes? If not, why not do this in future? The Eastman projector is much simpler to operate than our old one and I also bought a new screen which is very good. I am anxious for you to see the whole outfit and am counting the days until June comes around and we will know a bit more definitely about your homecoming plans. I think you showed good judgment in not squandering the five dollars or so demanded by the Jefe for certification of your absentee ballot. As it turned out, it would have been a vote wasted anyway, so what the hell. Where does Chris live when he is in the U.S.A.? Perhaps if somewhere in the vicinity, I could look him up and get some first-hand information about you and the camp. I’m going to see if I can get away with it this year by sending you some kind of Christmas gift. We got by with the photo album O.K. on the sample idea and maybe we can do it again, so anything you get from now on in the way of a package is “Not to be opened until Christmas”.



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