Trumbull – Dear GOOD Boys (3) – Nov., 1940


Page 3 of R-103   11/24/40

Ced: Let’s disagree right smack off the starting line. If you had promised to write me once a week, as requested, you would have done so, or else I don’t know my Cedric; so I lost out on that one. Now when you say you are going to try to get into the swing again I am going to take that as a promise, so don’t let me down. Twice each day I stop at the little old Trumbull Pose Office with hope in my heart and when ten days or more go by without one teeny-weeny little word from to able handed men in Alaska, it – – well, it just ain’t cricket. Synchronize – – that’s a dollar and a half word for you. Between you (particularly with one fellow enjoying 2 ½ days vacation a week) might there not be developed some synchronous action that would get one letter a week off to the old home? Yes, I know Dan has other letter writing commitments, being “that way”, but half a month is too long between drinks even for a camel. However, that’s no way to start a letter when one really feels very happy at having so pleasing an epistle as yours of (no date), anyway, your last one, mailed November 9th (it’s a good stunt to date letters for future reference).

I quote from your letter: “Ellen, Betty’s mother, is about 30, very pretty and pleasant. I think everyone will like her, but it is rumored that the price has been raised from $.60 to $.75”. What a place Alaska must be!

As to the motor vehicle inquiry, I turned the information, just as you gave it to me, over to Miss Jones in the M. V. Dept. and left it with her to straighten the matter out.

The following request I should have put in at the beginning of the letter to emphasize it’s importance and to make sure it is not overlooked or disregarded. Just as soon as you possibly can reply after receiving this note, please send me a complete copy of Sears and Roebuck and Montgomery Ward’s orders giving item numbers, sizes, etc., of the things both you and Dan have ordered. This is for guidance in my Christmas shopping so that I will not duplicate what you have already purchased and will also give me sizes for other things I may want to order. Please supplement this with a list of other things you might want but did not order. I have a Sears catalog here so identification should be easy. I have been a bit bothered about what you were doing for warm clothes and am glad you ordered as you did. I am also wondering if you should have sent the money order for $25 under the circumstances. Doesn’t that make you short on cash for current living expenses? It is more welcome than you know because, in addition to the car drain on my finances, the old interest on the mortgage and quarterly installments on taxes plus annual premium on my small insurance policy all come due the same time, also fire insurance premium etc., to say nothing of Christmas requirements, puts a severe drain on the old pocketbook for some weeks before and after the last of the year, but I have always managed to get by and undoubtedly can do so again; all of which means, don’t let your generosity and loyalty over balance your sense of what you owe to yourself. I at least can take care of your January insurance premium out of this. I am really deeply grateful to you for this, old son. Guess by now you have concluded that the 10% raise is permanent, which shows that your boss has the proper appreciation of your merits. Enclosed are a few newspaper clippings which may interest you. Glad you started on your trip history. “All beginning is difficult”, whether it is learning to fly a plane or starting a trip history. If you can get hold of a map of Anchorage it might do until the air view materializes.



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