Trumbull – Far North Division, Greetings – Nov. 9, 1941

Alfred Duryee Guion (my Grandpa)

Alfred Duryee Guion (my Grandpa)

Trumbull, Conn.,   Nov. 9, 1941

To section 2 of

the Guion Family,

Far North Division,


The shadows lengthen, the evening comes, a busy day’s work is over and the time is now for my weekly chat with my two absent boys.

This week there is little to relate. The weather has been mild – – no cold spells as yet, somewhat rainy, grass still green, leaves mostly brown.

The new gas station being built just this side of Sperling’s is about finished and I suppose Carl takes over in a few days, as they have offered him a much better proposition selling Atlantic gas and oil. I don’t know whether Socony has obtained anyone yet to take over Kurtz’s station. I have told Karl I will patronize his new station for the present. I have never believed Socony gas to be exceptionally good anyway, in which opinion Lad concurs. He says he has been mixing special with regular and finds it gives him better results than straight special. I should think using aviation gas all the time, as I understand you do, would not be too good for your engine.

Monty is back from the hospital and is apparently feeling O.K. after his operation. I have not seen any of them since, but Aunt Betty tells me they all came over to visit her one afternoon during the week and the three boys, Barbara and Babe went over there Thursday night. Last night, at the Klein Memorial, where Fredric March, Alan Reed and Florence Eldridge starred in “Hope For A Harvest”, Dan and Barbara, Lad and Babe, Dave and Evy Hughes splurged on $2.50 orchestra seats and enjoyed it much.

The ambulance drive went over the top in good shape. Several hundred dollars over the 3000 mark assured the town of a good ambulance.

I invited Sylvia up here for Thanksgiving but she says she has to work at the British Consulate that day and at Christmas she is going over to Long Island to take charge of her former wards, so I guess it will be Aunt Betty and Elsie, as usual.

McLevy has again been reelected mayor for two more years. Bridgeport continues to beem and in spite of numerous parking meters, the traffic problem, particularly at closing time, is acute.

Today Dave went to Church and sang in the choir, Lad worked on the heater in his car and Dan took down screens and put up some storm windows. I got dinner and for the first time tried your lemon meringue pie, with the boiling flour. It was my first attempt at a pie and while I would not call it an unqualified success as far as the meringue top went, it was good enough so most of them had two helpings and there is only one small section left.

I doubt if you will find this letter of much interest but there seems to be a dead space in the news and no letters from you to reply to. Aunt Betty sends love and is coming along nicely. Hoping you are the same, love from your old


The rest of the week will include two letters from Grandpa and two post cards from Helen (Peabody) Human.

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be posting more Special Pictures.

Next week, we’ll move forward to 1944, to a time when all five sons are involved in war work for Uncle Sam.

If you are enjoying this “slice of Life” from the 1940s, why not share this blog with a friend or two, who also might enjoy this look into the past.

Judy Guion

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