Lad – A Birthday Remembrance

ADG and Arla with baby Lad and family - 1914

Lad’s Christening – July, 1914

ADG - Grandpa and Lad (seated)  - July 26, 1914

Same day with a very proud Papa

Slice of Life Photo #6

Lad, surrounded by his siblings

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)


Lad in the Army

APG - Lad and Marian - @ 1968

Lad and Marian 

APG - Lad and Marian on a cruise - @ 1990

Lad and Marian on a cruise through the Panama Canal


6 thoughts on “Lad – A Birthday Remembrance

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Happy Birthday Lad…Nice way to honor your dad, Judy!

  2. Arla says:

    Really nice, Judy. Uncle Lad was such a nice, gentle man.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Arla – You are SO RIGHT. I couldn’t agree with you more. I only saw him rush, in a panic, once in my entire life. We were on the Island and Doug had driven the old ’52 Caddy in to town. It was smoking when he arrived at the beach and honked for someone to come pick him up. Dad ran down the ramp to the dock, yelling to one of the kids to untie the boat as he jumped in. He had the motor started as someone pushed him off !!!! That is one memory I’ll never forget…..

  3. Gallivanta says:

    Happy Birthday to Lad. A lovely collection of photos.

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