Trumbull (2) – Christmas Day – Dec., 1941

Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa)

Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa)

Page 2    12/28/41

Christmas Day

          Christmas Eve Dave ate too much candy or something that upset his digestive tract so that he felt pretty miserable and, having left the tree to trim for that time, he did not feel very much in the mood. He went through with the job however and toddled off to his little bed. Because everyone was pretty much used up from the happenings of the night before and had outgrown the childhood habit of getting up at the streak dawn to watch with fascinated eyes the bulging stockings at the foot of the bed, we all arose late. Zeke, Biss and the two youngsters arrived a little before 11, so I brought the stockings down to the kitchen and we opened them there. We then all repaired to the music room and sat around in a circle watching the unwrapping of each one’s gifts in the usual manner. Here, as nearly as I can recall, were the gifts received:

Lad – Leather jacket, leather shoehorn, leather case with comb and nail file, necktie and noise eliminator for his razor.

Dan – Gloves, wallet, films for movie and camera, book (Golden Bough), tie rack and combination comb and nail file.

Dick – Sleeping bag, hand knitted socks and sweater (Jean), key case and wallet, defense stamps, razor towels

Dave – Leather jacket, gloves, scarf, skating socks, file and comb

ADG – Triple head Remington dry shaver, file and comb set, five dollar gift certificate for tobacco, fountain pen, a beautiful crocheted doily from Grandma

Aunt Betty – three warm woolen night dresses, housecoat, hot-water bag, doily, playing cards, soap, writing paper, stockings and defense stamps.

All the family – guava jelly, candied fruit, fancy basket of Texas navel oranges, bushel basket of citrus fruit and the usual box of brownies from the Ives.

I then retired to the kitchen to prepare the dinner. Before the dinner dishes were washed and put away visitors began to arrive and from then on the place was literally packed. Just about dark we got out the movies and Dan’s color projector and for an hour or so we had a private showing. I may not be able to recall all those present but aside from myself and the four boys, Aunt Betty and Aunt Elsie, Zeke, Biss and her two children, there were Bob and Red Shadick, Red Sirene, Jean Mortenson, Jane Mantel, Charley Hall, Harry Lasker, Dot McKenzie, Arnold and Alta (Gibson), Mr. and Mrs. Ives, Barbara (Plumb), Paul Warden, Don Whitney, Carl (Wayne) and Ethel (Bushey).

Christmas cards were received from the following: (I will omit those from my old friends that you don’t know) Nan and Stanley Osborne, Mrs. Lea, Grandma, Marian and Ruth Noer, Aunt Dorothy, Britta and Sydney, Carl and Ethel, Alice Reyom, Cecilia Mullins, Roger Bachelder, Sylvia Leeds, Jean Mortenson, the Searles,  the Cronins, Larry and Marion (Peabody), (Constable) Ray and Mrs. Beckwith, the Burrs, the Sirenes, the Larsons, May Bachelder, the Wardens, the Ives, the Kascaks, Helen Burnham, the Kirchers, the Charlie Kurtz’, the Chandlers, Barbara (Plumb), Don Whitney and Dick Christie. In addition, each of the boys received cards but I have no record of those.

Lad, Dick and Dave all worked on the driveway this morning while I prepared dinner. We got oil from Eb and Carl and incidentally, got rid of the accumulated ashes. Today things are pretty quiet for a change but I suppose that’s because it’s early yet and too soon to expect the Sunday visitors.


Tomorrow and Friday, I’ll post the first letter of 1942.

On Saturday and Sunday, Special Pictures of some of Lad’s Christmas cards.

Next week, I’ll be posting letters written in 1944, when all five of Grandpa’s boys are scattered all over in the service of Uncle Sam.

Judy Guion


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