Special Picture # 133 – Art Mantle, Biss and Lad – 1930s

APG - Art Mantle, Biss and Lad -1930s

I am having difficulty pinpointing the date of this picture. For one thing, Biss looks about 14 or 15 and she was born in January of 1919. This would make make it about 1935. Lad was born in 1914, so he would be 21 but he sure doesn’t look that old. I’m leaning towards using Biss to date the picture. What do you think?

By the way, this is the same Art Mantle that Dan ran into in Seattle in his letter to Lad posted March  15th.


5 thoughts on “Special Picture # 133 – Art Mantle, Biss and Lad – 1930s

  1. jaggh53163 says:

    I now know when this picture was taken. I just heard from Art Mantle’s niece, my childhood friend, who says:
    “Art was born in 1918 and had just graduated high school at the time of this photo…….so I’m guessing Bissy was a little older than she looks.”
    If you add 18 years to 1918, the picture was taken in 1936. That makes Biss, who was born in 1919, 17 years old and Lad, who was born in 1914, 22. He sure doesn’t look 22 but that’s how the numbers work out.

  2. I would also concentrate on Biss’ hairstyle and clothing to give you clues. The objects in the background don’t seem to offer much help.

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