Life in Alaska (2) – Gift Request – Oct., 1940

This is the second half of a letter written by Dan from Alaska to the family, especially his Dad, in 1940. The first half was posted yesterday.

Dan, Ced and car

Dan, Ced and car

This introduction is my tactful way of bringing up the subject of gifts. You know how people have birthdays and Xmases with alarming regularity, and how the custom has arisen whereby you say your prayers and don’t bite your fingernails for a full week before, and are duly rewarded with presents you would have gotten anyhow…. Well, that is just what I am getting to. I know that my birthday is just coming up, so I have decided to be a bold little vixen:

I do not need money. I have plenty of that. I do not need clothes. It costs more to send them here all the way from Conn. than it costs right here in Town, and the cheapest way to buy clothes is to order them from Sears Roebuck at Seattle. There is the possibility, if you want to send Ced any clothes, to write to Sears Roebuck in Seattle to send him the stuff directly.

In fact I do not need anything that can be purchased either from Sears or right here in Anchorage!

You probably think that I am being grandiloquent, and asking merely for holiday greetings and sentiment. Not so! I have a very real desire for:

Roget’s Thesaurus

A Dictionary

These two books I have missed more than anything else since being in Anchorage.

I have already purchased a complete outfit of skis, ski poles, and rig. I have bought a pair of skates. I have bought woolen clothing, all from Sears. I have bought an Argus C-2 camera, 35mm for taking colored snapshots. I can buy films for it in Anchorage for the same price as anywhere else. So please, if you want to do right by little Nell, send me a Roget or a Webster!

It may be of interest to know that my latest obsession is to study ethnology, anthropology and sociology as soon as I have earned enough money to go to school. Wolf! Wolf! The people say. Perhaps. Time will tell.

I shall begin to send money home to be invested toward school. Beginning this month, I plan to send at least $100 per month. Your judgment, Dad, is better than mine in such matters, and I should like you to decide whether to put it into Home Bldg. and Loan or some securities, or just put it in the old sock. And if you have any need for it at any time, you have full authority to beg, borrow, or steal it.

I shall have no objections to Dick’s or Dave’s writing to me, nor have I any objection to anybody’s writing to me.

Dick, you rat, if you head for Florida let me in on the trip as it progresses. You want to keep a day by day record of it for posterity. It is more fun to read over such a journal in later days than it is to live it! Take it from an old Peregrine.




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