Life In Alaska – A 40 Hour Week – Oct., 1940

DBG - A 40 Hour Week - Oct., 1940

Oct. 16

Daear Daad,

Your letter has been one of the most pleasant that I have ever received, which makes life really worthwhile. I got it today, and had not yet mailed this, which is fortunate, because I, Too, have some good news…. good to me, anyhow.

We have just learned that from now on we will have to work no more than 40 hours per week at the same salary, which is a tremendous gain. I am running the transit almost entirely now, for Hal who thinks he might get another job, thus preparing me to fill his shoes if the opportunity arrives. The arrangement on salary: every other week we get 31/2 days off! That should give me plenty of time to see more of the country, although I shall spend more money doing so!

I’m still in a hurry. I have to get to the PO to mail this, after converting my check intoxxxx a money order,

Incidentally, it is yours to spend as you see fit if you find yourself short on cash. I shall have no use for it until some distant date.


Hooray for everything!



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