Special Picture # 151 – The Island


I am going to be on The Island until July 13th so I thought I’d give you an idea of what it has been like over the 70 years we have owned it. My guess is this is the first picture taken on the Island once we had purchased it in 1945. It makes sense to me that Grandpa and the boys would have made a trip up there to think about and plan what they might do with it and on it.

ADG - Grandpa and the boys on Spring Island (cropped) - 1948

L to R – Lad, Dick, Ced and Grandpa. My guess is that Dan is taking the picture. Dan’s daughter just reminded me that in 1945 Dan was still in France so Dave must have taken the picture. Thanks, Arla.

Spring Island - from States Landing @ 1960s

This is the view of the Island from the beach where we park our cars. The anticipation is on the rise.

Spring Island - low water at the Point and Bathtub Rock

12 thoughts on “Special Picture # 151 – The Island

  1. alesiablogs says:

    Great shot from the 1940s!

  2. dan randol says:

    Yuuuummmmmm! !Guion! !Guion! !Guion!

  3. Mrs. P says:

    Have a great time. It is really nice to have a place to go to disconnect from life stresses. My aunt has the beach house. I think we have our project house…but an island is way too cool. :D

  4. Gallivanta says:

    Have a lovely time.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Gallivanta – Thank you. I sure plan on it, with the culminating weekend of a Guion Family Reunion – held every five years. I’ve been working madly to get everything arranged….

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