Special Picture # 152 – The Island – 1960s

I am going to be on The Island until July 13th so I thought I’d give you an idea of what it has looked like over the 70 years we have owned it.

Spring Island - Lad with Pete Linsley at the Fire Pit

Lad Guion and a friend at the Fire Pit

Spring Island - Lad Guion, Chet Haydfen, Pete Linsley @ 1960s (Lad)

Lad Guion and his two best buddies

Spring Island - Midnight Fishermen - Chet Hayden and Charlie Hall

The Midnight Fishermen

Spring Island - Chet Haydden in front, Jeanne (Hughes) Hayden and Barbara (Plumb) Linsley in the background

Lad’s best buddy

Spring Island - Water fun - Johnny Hayden, Roy Lenhard and David Lenhard

Water fun

Spring Island - The kids (I'm the talest one in the back)

The kids after our Talent Show.

(I’m the tallest one in the back)


3 thoughts on “Special Picture # 152 – The Island – 1960s

  1. Mrs. P says:

    I love the vintage Budweiser bottles in the first shot.

    What a wonderful island. Is it strictly a tent camping island or have you made modifications in the 70 years?

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