Rev. Elijah Guion II and Clara Maria de los Dolores Marina de Beck

This past weekend, the Guion Family had a Reunion of about 52 members. We are working on producing a book of all the descendants of the Rev. Elijah Guion II and Clara Maria de los Dolores Marina de Beck. The members at the reunion represented two of their children, Elizabeth Beck (Guion) Randol and Alfred Beck Guion.

ADG - Elijah Guion

Rev. Elijah Guion II

ADG - Clara Maria de los Dolores Marina de Beck Guion

Clara Maria de los Dolores Marina de Beck Guion

California Guions - Elizabeth Beck (Guion) Randol

Elizabeth Beck (Guion) Randol

2015 Reunion - California Guions - (front) Guion Randol, Barbara Johnson, Vickie Gabbard, (back) Karen Furtado, Mary Sargent

 Descendants of Elizabeth Beck (Guion) Randol

ADG - Alfred Beck Guion @ 1885

Alfred Beck Guion

2015 Reunion - The whole family (2)

Descendants of Alfred Beck Guion

For our Reunion in 2020, I would love to have more members of both families.

13 thoughts on “Rev. Elijah Guion II and Clara Maria de los Dolores Marina de Beck

  1. Valerie Watts says:

    It was a surprise to see my sister, aunt and cousin in the photo of the descendants of Elizabeth. I’d like to know about the 2020 reunion.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      I’m thrilled to hear from you. I have a large Excel spreadsheet and I found you, Valerie York Watts. Please send me contact info to my personal email address: Definite plans have not been started for the Reunion in 2020 but I’m pretty sure it will be held at the same place in New Hampshire. Both Elizabeth Beck and Alfred Beck have at least 150 descendants. The California Guions had lost contact, or at least the younger generations didn’t know, about Alfie, and his descendants. Your Aunt and I have been working in sporadic spurts trying to create a spreadsheet including ALL the descendants of Elijah and Clara. Any specific contact info you may have on your relatives would be helpful. It may be a duplication of some info, but you may help us add some more names. I’m really glad you have found my blog, I’m sure it was the re-post from your Aunt that clued you in. Welcome to the extended family. Judy

  2. That characters of your ancestors really glow through the photos.

  3. inesephoto says:

    So wonderful to hear that! Blessings to all your family!

  4. Mrs. P says:

    Your family book is a wonderful idea! I created one for my family with vintage pictures going as far back as 1850s. I made two copies and gave one to my aunt and one to my dad.

    It has been shown to everyone who comes to visit and is a coveted item. When my dad passed away my eldest sister didn’t want anything of his…but she wanted that book!

    If you’re interested, I’ll send you the link on my book to give you an example of what I did.

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