Army Life (1) – Lad’s Birthday And Tire Troubles – April, 1942

ADG - China - the good set

ADG - China - detail

The best China

Trumbull, April 5, 1942

Dear Delegates at large:

Greetings from the homeland this Easter Sunday. I have missed you both very much today. We talked about you both at dinner in honor of Lad’s birthday celebration  held in the dining room, using the best China, etc. Dick remarked he was the one to have seen Ced last and Lad figured it was three years last December since he had set eyes on his lengthiest brother. Up to a day or two ago we fully expected Dan would be able to wrangle another leave of absence and be with us today but apparently he is now bound for an engineer’s camp just over the border line between Virginia and North Carolina, approximately 250 miles south of Washington, but having had no letter from him this week, there is nothing definite about his whereabouts or his status as far as officers training is concerned. Chapter two of Ced’s Saga has not yet been published so there is nothing new in the way of Alaskan lore that can be recorded at this time.

April 3rd, which the enlightened will recognize as being Lad’s birthday, was celebrated by my blowing the family, with the exception of Dick who had to catch up on some sleep in order to work to help win the war, to the movies at the Warner Theater, the film being Dumbo. ( , And it was really good. Mainly on Aunt Betty’s account we saw the early performance and then visited at Elizabeth’s for a few moments. She wanted to ask Lad’s advice on the wisdom of Zeke’s buying a Buick for sale by the people living next door as the Zabel’s present car is pretty well shot, poor tires, etc. The tire situation is beginning to hit the family. Dick had two flats in one day, the last one yesterday after deciding the tire he would normally use for a spare was not worth repairing, so while I was on air raid watcher duty between 10 and one last night, Dick called up from Stratford to say he was stuck at Jean’s house with another flat and would I come over and get him at 1 o’clock when I got through. This proved to be unnecessary, however, as Red took him home. Dick has applied to the local Tire Rationing Board which meets Monday, asking permission for one engaged in war work for tire relief.

I think I told you in one of my previous letters that Lad had learned the Naval Reserves needed men with diesel engine experience for work at naval bases installing electric lighting units similar to the work he did in Venezuela, but because of his eyesight being below par when examined at the Bridgeport recruiting station, he was turned down. He has learned that they have better equipment for examining volunteers at New York and intends to go down there later this month for another examination. For over a month now, with the prospect of having to leave Producto when his present deferment expires, he has been breaking in a man to take his place as head of their shipping room. Yesterday his proposed successor was fired, and he will now have to start training someone else all over again. For this purpose his company is going to request another months deferment for Lad, which explains why he is holding off until the end of the month before starting anything on the Naval Reserve effort.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish this letter to Dan and Ced.

On Saturday and Sunday, more Special Pictures.

On Monday I’ll begin a week of letters from 1944 when all five sons are contributing to the war effort away from home.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Army Life (1) – Lad’s Birthday And Tire Troubles – April, 1942

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Beautiful china!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Mra. P. – Thank you. When Dan and his wife bought the house after Grandpa passed away, they distributed the china among the family. I now have the plate and soup bowl that went to my parents and a plate that I was given. I use them occasionally as serving pieces.

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