Trumbull – Dear Absentees (3) – Local News And A Note From Dick To Ced – Dec., 1940

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Aunt Helen writes: “Although we are going to New Rochelle for Christmas I know will be coming home in the early evening since the next day is a work day. Our time is always so brief because Ted has to get up so early. His endurance is not what it should be so I take every precaution possible.”

Dave says the big news of the week is that Dick went to church this morning on the occasion of Mr. Bohlman’s last day in Trumbull. Jean (Hughes) says she won first prize of $5. offered by the Women’s Community Club of attractive Christmas decorations. Helen Plumb, I am told, received Honorable Mention.


Dick and the other young bucks around here are planning some big doings on New Year’s Eve. He and Jean Mortensen (a cousin of Red’s), Red (Sirene) and Jean Hughes, Dick Christie and a girl from Portland, Conn., Charley Hall and Jane Mantle, Cy (Linsley) and some girl, Carl (Wayne) and Ethel (Bushey), are all going to Blue Gardens, Armonk, N.Y.

Benny (Slauson) is home and seems to like the Army pretty well. Dick was out with Charley (Hall) last night and while driving, sideswiped another car.

Here are some additional greeting cards I neglected to mention above: My cousin Tizie, Rudolph Noer, Axel and Astrid Larson, Marion and Ruth Noer of Morgantown, W. Va., Charlie Kurtz and Dr. Laszlo. Do you remember my taking you boys one time for a visit to my friend Jarrard in Philadelphia where we tasted Scrapple for the first time. He was an instructor in the Girard College. I had a letter from her the other day telling me that her husband died a few years ago.

I will now turn this over to Dick who would like a word with Ced:

Page 3 of R-108 ½

Dear Ced and Senator F. Q. Blurrp:

After having spoken to Arnold Concerning the trip, I can see everything from his point of view (probably because it happens to compare exactly with my own)

  1. If we leave here when suggested, we won’t leave, for the simple reason that Arnold Can’t have the money necessary until later in the spring. He suggested that, If you are in no hurry for the car, he could go with me sometime in May since he would then have a safe amount for the trip. Then, like any Human being, we started thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn’t want the car until later on, and making excuses for the reasons already advanced.
  2. I would also have enough money to be able to feel safe and enjoy the trip. I wanted very much to have Arnold take the trailer since it will mean hot meals, a warm place to sleep, and someone who knows enough about cars to help in case of car trouble.
  3. If we leave later in the spring, The weather won’t be quite as severe Thereby giving us better scenery, the opportunity to travel on the northern route instead of going to the coast on a more southerly route in order to avoid the severe snowstorms frequenting the middle West around Feb. “FEB” is a month, not a place.

Please think over these views and decide whether or not you need the car when you plan. My point is purely selfish, but I thot that if you are in no particular hurry, the extra few months would make a world of difference to me. I am looking forward with mucha gusto to a visit to the far off country or what have you. I am also relishing any thought of physical or mental combat with the great procrastinator. Although, my conscience will bother me when the realization dawns that Even though he is a Skonk, I should not be taking advantage of him in that he has a handicap both mentally and physically.

Until later,  Dick

Tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll have some more Special Pictures for you.

On Monday, I’ll begin a week of letters written in 1942, when Dan has been drafted, Lad is going in imminently, Ced remains in Alaska at his job with deferments, and Dick and Dave are still with Grandpa in Trumbull.

Judy Guion


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