Army Life (2) – Dick Still At Producto And Aunt Betty’s Health – Apr., 1942

Page 2  4/19/1942

Still another week has gone by with no further word from Ced. According to the paper they are busy at work on the Alaska Road, which is expected to be completed early next year. Of course, he may be waiting for this with the thought that I might drive up on whatever tires I may have left by that time, to ascertain what is taking him so long in completing his Saga of the Plane Glacier Adventure. Possibly he may weaken and drop me a line in the interim. I’ll keep on hoping for this, while there is, there is hope, so says the old saw.


Dick is still in production at Producto on the night shift, on the strength of which he has been granted permission by the Tire Rationing Board to have four new tires retreaded. This week he has been running around on borrowed rubber but expects this will not continue many days longer. He still seems to be as fond of modern orchestras and warm music as ever and occasionally comes home with a new record that has taken his fancy. As the priorities Board has shut down on the manufacture of new records because of the scarcity of shellac, it is questionable how long the new pieces will be obtainable.

Good news about the bombing of Japanese cities, isn’t it? The American pilots seem to be quite accurate in that they confine their hits only to hospitals and schools, according to Japanese reports. If this keeps up they may be able to bomb the rise out of the Rising Sun.

Today is blustery, overcast and raw, much more like a March day. Dave has been home with a cold, in bed all day Thursday, but Friday, which was a warm and sunshiny day, he got busy on his own initiative and took down most of the downstairs  windows and replaced them with screens.

The Trumbull Bus Line has extended its operations now so that a branch runs up Church Hill Road as far as Middlebrooks Avenue, which, together with the Pinebrook run, now gives Trumbull quite adequate service throughout the day from 6:10 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.

The lilac bushes are putting out there green buds, the crocuses are in blossom and the Maple trees are showing their little red buds. I saw a yellow Forsythia Bush in bloom in Bridgeport yesterday, although ours are not yet in bloom.

Answering a question you asked last time you were home, Dan, you have a cousin Patricia – Mrs. H. J. Wichmann, for 201 No. 4th Street, Arlington, Va., another nearer cousin, Guion Kilbourne, in Washington (consult city directory or telephone book for street address), and a distant relative whom I have never met named A. H. Guion, in engineering work with the T. A. Loving Company & Associates at Cherry Point, N.C. Aunt Anne, of course, is at 6 Terrace, Staunton, Va.

And that is about all your news hound has been able to scare up at this writing, so with fondest adieus, and fondest wishes to, I subscribed myself in the usual terse manner, just



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