Special Picture # 176 – Marriages written in the Family Bible

ADG - Familt Bible with Marriages - Christmas Card - 1955

This appears to be a page from a Duryee Family Bible, which came in to the Guion family (probably from Ella Duryee to her son, Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa)) although I don’t ever remember seeing one. It is perhaps with another family member. This is a page from Grandpa’s 1955 Christmas card. 

Joseph W. (Woodward) Duryee


Eliza P. (Pell) Beadel

January 15, 1846


Joseph W. (Woodward) Duryee

To Mary (Dean) Wells

April 20th, 1869


Mary Eliza

Daughter of Joseph W.

and Eliza P. Duryee

to Charles Preston Goldsmith

August 26th




Daughter of Joseph

W. Duryee and Eliza P. Duryee

to Alfred B. (Beck) Guion

Sept. 16th, 1882


Alfred Duryee Guion

son of Alfred Beck Guion

& Ella Duryee Guion

to Arla Peabody Guion

March 27, 1913 at

Church of the Ascencion

Mount Vernon, NY


Elizabeth Westlin Guion

only daughter of Alfred Duryee Guion

to Raymond Zabel

March 11, 1939 at Fredericksberg, Va.


Alfred P. Guion

son of Alfred Duryee Guion and

Arla Peabody Guion

to Marian Dunlap Irwin

Nov. 14, 1943 at

the Chapel of the Flowers

Berkeley, California

Bold – Grandpa, then my Mom and Dad


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