Friends – News From Venezuela For Dan – Jan., 1941

Daniel Beck Guion in Venezuela

Daniel Beck Guion      in Venezuela

Pariaguan, Edo. Anzoategui

Jan. 5, 1941

Dear Danny,

I guess it must be a surprise to hear from me after all this time. Yes Sir, I’m in Pariaguan, with Compania Nacional de Construcciones. Your brother is here in the Socony and I’ve seen him several times. I guess he’s planning on returning home this spring. How is Alaska now? I guess it must be pretty cold, and the mosquitoes that you were complaining about six months ago must be all gone.

Latest news from the front (Inter-America) is that about three months ago Max filed suit against Dick for collecting and distributing money from the ministry. (This story line can be found in the category “Life in Venezuela”.) Of course, he did not have a leg to stand on and I believe the suit was more of a bluff than anything else and I’m pretty sure that it was dropped entirely. I saw Max in Caracas about two months ago and he wanted me to return my passage fair, which I had collected from Inter-America, and also one month’s salary for vacation. I merely told him that I would answer, after due time, giving to deliberation. My deliberation was talking to a lawyer who forthwith answered Max to the tone that I was entitled to more than I collected and that if he, Max, would not drop the whole thing, he would be sued for the difference. To this date, I’ve no longer heard from him.

I’m glad of my experience with Max for it opened my eyes 100%”, “I’ve lost all hope of human nature”.

All the boys, excepting another fellow and I, have returned to the states. Karnopp is working for the M.O.P. on railroad location someplace in Zulia. As a matter of fact, he offered me a job with him about two months ago. But I’m better off where I am at and besides, the M.O.P. pays in bolivars and new dollars are very hard to obtain (contraband dollars sell at 4.00 to 4.50 bolivars to the dollar). Dick is working in Washington DC.

That is about all the news that I can give you. I wish you the very best of health, happiness and success for the coming year – regards,

Hasta luego

Su sincere servidor y ami:

Fred (Chion)


P.S. Did you ever hear from Jimmy anymore?


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