Special Picture # 179 – 1934 Chicago World’s Fair – A Story Of A Century Of Progress

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (of interest in the Ford exhibit)

In the summer of 1934, my Uncle Ced (Cedric Duryee Guion, then just 17 years old) hitchhiked from Trumbull, CT to North Dakota and Wisconsin in search of the roots of his mother’s heritage. Arla Mary Peabody had been born in North Dakota and moved to New York where she met and married my Grandpa, Alfred Duryee Guion. She had passed away the previous summer after a long illness and Ced wanted to meet members of his Mother’s family. On the way, he stopped at the Chicago World’s Fair and spent four days there, taking in the sights. This is the introductory page of a booklet entitled, “What I saw at the CHICAGO WORLD’S FAIR   1934”


One thought on “Special Picture # 179 – 1934 Chicago World’s Fair – A Story Of A Century Of Progress

  1. Mrs. P says:

    The century that brought us through the industrial revolution and created the powerhouse country that we call America.

    Amazing how much has changed since then and how we can say the same thing about this introduction…in today’s world.

    I started watching the movie Jobs last night and couldn’t help but marvel over the changes in technology, especially since the things being portrayed were things that happened in the town that I lived in or in the one just a few minutes away.

    At some point, I must jot down all the different things that have occurred in my lifetime.

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