Trumbull – Dear Trumbull Exports (1) – Preparing For Lad’s Homecoming And Searching For A Car For Dan And Ced – Jan., 1941

Blog - Lad in Venezuela walking in field (cropped)

This might be the picture Grandpa is asking about. It’s hard to tell what is in his hand. This is a picture of Lad himself. Obviously, he had someone else take the picture.

January 12, 1941          R-110

Dear Trumbull exports:

The newspapers announced the discovery of new and better ways of treating pneumonia. Science, one by one, perfects methods of conquering disease. There is, however, one ailment which I do not expect you boys to contract and that is writer’s cramp or typewriter Charlie horse, to be more modern. Ced, you’ve been pretty good lately, you were the only one I heard from last week. I won’t enlarge on this subject here and now because tomorrow I might find in P.O. Box 7 that which would make me remorseful. Here’s hoping.

Calling Station WAPG, Venezuela. The second batch of colored films arrived and are much better than the first lot. The sunset scenes were splendid. Did you take them on land looking out over the water or vice versa. Off in the distance there seems to be a buoy or building of some sort to indistinct to identify. The aeroplane pictures also came out well, also the one of the little locomotive. Who was that walking toward you with a camera in his hand? By the way, just as a reminder, you have not given me explanatory captions of the various scenes in the first reel of films which I suggested in a former letter. If you wait too long you are apt to find the details fade from your mind – – at least that is my experience.

When you wrote to Ethel about postponing her wedding, you were striking nearer to the truth than you knew. Carl told me yesterday it looked as though the wedding were all off for the present, as he has received notification that his medical examination was satisfactory and he was in line for immediate call, rating A-1, and might expect a summons any time. He did not say, if he knows himself, what he will do about the gas station business.

I am trying to get the house in presentable condition for your homecoming. I have had Mr. Smithson here this week, refinishing the music room. He will then tackle the kitchen and if he has time, I want him also to give my bathroom another coat. Then, as I can afford it, I want to get new rugs, as the ones we have downstairs are all getting considerably threadbare, in a most literal sense.

I think I wrote some time ago that Mr. Ives intended going into the business of reclaiming old crank case oil. Well, he ordered the necessary machinery, had to wait weeks and weeks for it, due to some unexplained delay, then it was lost or delayed in shipment and when it finally arrived, it was broken. He was reported to be much discouraged but I have not seen him lately to get the latest dope on the situation.

There is a possibility that Jane Mantle, when she graduates from normal school, may teach in one of the Trumbull schools.

Calling Station WCDG, Alaska: If you will turn to the first column on the last page of the last section of today’s Post, which I have ordered sent to you once a week for six months as a Christmas gift, you will observe an article, “Canada to build airbases linking U.S. and Alaska”. You will probably notice in the same section ads for used automobiles, 1938 models of various makes ranging from $385-$485. Somehow I don’t feel buying a ‘38 model of the cheaper cars is very good sense, in view of the circumstances, so I am not going after Chevrolets or Plymouths, if I can get something better, preferably a Buick, and in this connection I called up Wally Williams and learned he is in Florida and will be there until sometime in April. I phoned A.L. Clark and asked for Priestley and was informed he was out sick. I got hold of him the end of last week and parent( he says Eisenman took care of him on my car), informed him of what you wanted, told him the circumstances and how much you relied on his judgment, etc., and he promised to keep his eye open for an exceptional good bargain.

Tomorrow I’ll post the conclusion to this letter. Then a letter to Lad and another one to Ced from friends in Trumbull. On Friday, a letter from Dan to Lad.

Judy Guion


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