Peabodys And Duryees – Grandmother Peabody Writes To Laddie – Jan., 1941

Grandma Peabody

Grandma Peabody

129 Mt. Joy Place

New Rochelle, N.Y.

Jan., 23, 1941

My dear Laddie,

Many thanks for your Christmas note. It really meant more to me than a card would. I hope you had a very happy Christmas. Our Christmas was quiet and peaceful. Helen and Ted came up Christmas eve to stay overnight and help trim the tree, a small one, but pretty.

Aunt Anne, Donald and Gweneth arrived here Monday forenoon, December 23rd. They had left Staunton Sunday evening, 11 o’clock, and were very tired and sleepy. They slept after lunch and then Aunt Anne had to find rooms where they could stay overnight. My apartment is so small I couldn’t possibly keep them overnight. Donald and Gwyneth left for Vermont Tuesday morning to spend the holidays with their father and his new wife, Barbara.

Aunt Anne spent her vacation with Dee and me. She was expecting every day to get a letter from them but none came.

Saturday, Jan. 4th, a telegram came stating Donald and Gweneth would arrive at Grand Central Station at 7:45 PM, so their mother packed her things and drove into New York to meet them. She engaged rooms at a hotel to stay overnight because they were leaving for home Sunday morning. Gwyneth had to be back in time for school or there would be trouble. About a week ago I had a letter from Anne saying they got home all right and that the children had had a very nice time and liked Barbara very much. Donald and Gwyneth took turns driving the car so their mother didn’t touch the wheel once. I believe Gwyneth is a good driver.

Helen and Ted moved from New York City to 269 Prospect Place, Brooklyn. Helen came home yesterday for a short time for the first time since Christmas.

We have had quite a surprise. Larry and Marion are moving to Sandusky, Ohio, about the first of February. The company Larry is working with is moving their whole establishment there. I haven’t seen anybody from Trumbull since New Year’s Day when your Dad and David gave us a pleasant surprise. They both looked well.

Biss and Butch, 1940

Biss and Butch

Elizabeth, baby and Zeke were over at Larry’s one evening this week. They didn’t come over here, probably because it was late.

How are things going with you, are you still interested in _____? Do you like South America, where you are, so much you will be homesick when you return home?

My best wishes for a very happy continuation of the new year. I wonder what’s in store for us all.

Ever as much love,

Grandmother Peabody

Tomorrow, a letter from Grandmother Peabody to Ced, then on Thursday and Friday, a letter from Grandpa to his three sons away from home.

On Saturday and Sunday, Special Pictures.

Judy Guion

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