Peabodys And Duryees – Grandmother Peabody Writes To Cedric – Jan., 1941

Grandma Peabody

      Grandma Peabody

129 Mt. Joy Place

New Rochelle, N.Y.

Jan. 23, 1941

My dear Cedric,

Many, many thanks for your Christmas letter. I was so happy to hear from you and so were the rest of the family. We had a quiet but pleasant Christmas. Aunt Helen and Uncle Ted came up Christmas Eve. Aunt Anne, Gweneth and Donald visited on Monday morning, between 10 & 11 o’clock, December 23rd. They had left Staunton Sunday evening at about 11 o’clock. Well they were all tired and sleepy. So after lunch they took a nap, then Aunt Anne went to engage rooms for the night because I couldn’t possibly keep them here in my small apartment. Tuesday morning the two young folks left for Vermont to spend the holidays with their father and his new wife, Barbara.

Aunt Anne came back here and stayed with me until Jan. 3rd, when Donald and Gweneth arrived at Grand Central Station that evening. So Aunt Anne had to get her packing done and drive into New York to meet her children at 7:45 PM. She arranged for a room at a Hotel where they stayed till Sunday morning, had breakfast and started on their way home. Gweneth had to be at her school Monday or there would be trouble. We were sorry not to see them. Of course, we were anxious to know how they enjoyed their vacation. I had a letter from Aunt Anne a few days ago saying Gweneth and Donald had enjoyed their visit very much and liked Barbara very much.

Aunt Helen Human, Aunt Anne Stanley, Aunt Dorothy Peabody,

Aunt Helen Human, Aunt Anne Stanley, Aunt                                    Dorothy Peabody.

We didn’t forget to think of you boys and hoped you two were having a happy Christmas. At our dinner were Aunt Helen, Uncle Ted, Anne and Uncle Burton.

New Year’s Day, Aunt Anne, Uncle Burton, Aunt Dorothy and I were just ready to sit down to our dinner when your father and David arrived. It was some surprise to us all. But fortunately (I believe) there was enough dinner for everyone. After dinner your Dad distributed your presents. I tell you, I liked mine so much. I am using the basket to keep my crochet clutter in. It keeps the ball from falling on the floor. The little tray I use on the table under hot dishes. Aunt Dorothy shows off her man, on the desk. It was just awfully nice of you to remember us.

Aunt Helen came home yesterday for the first time since Christmas so she got her present. I wish you could have seen her eyes smile and heard her explanations when she had torn the wrapping off. She was just delighted with it.

You will probably be surprised to learn that Uncle Larry and family are moving to Sandusky, Ohio about the first of February. The firm/company are moving their whole establishment there.

Last Sunday Uncle Kemper and Aunt Ethel returned from Daytona, Florida, where they spent ten days on business and pleasure. They haven’t driven to settle the selling of the home Mr. Merriam bought for their use at any time they wished to go there. Ethel is very practical and does not believe in having a lot of property to pay taxes on.

I think this is all the news for now. What a nice Christmas you two must have had. You must have had a lot of fun. Your letter is so interesting telling about the people you met on the boat and then at Anchorage. The Duke and Duchess sound pretty fine. There must have been something about you two to get such fine titles.

The election was a great disappointment but I believe after all, perhaps, it was the best thing, on account of the international horror. Mr. Willkie left by plane for England yesterday, carrying a letter from President Roosevelt to Mr. Churchill. I am glad the ill feelings which was so dominant during election is coming down to friendship. Mr. Willkie, in my belief, is a very great man. I hope and pray for his welfare. Hope there won’t be any incident.

It seems to me we are having a good winter. There is much complaint about the weather being too warm but I really like it. There has been little snow so the ground is bare but for some days cold enough to freeze the lake so there has been a lot of skating. Carolyn loves it.

I hope the weather will be nice when the Larry’s have to leave. They will drive to Youngstown, Ohio, where Mildred, Marian’s sister, lives, leave Allen with her and then Larry and Marian will go on to Sandusky to find a place to live.

Please tell Daniel to write to me. I like getting letters better than I like eating. Don’t wait long before you write again. Well – I have waited much too long myself answering your lovely letter. I like to hear all the news. But I am sorry for Mr. Reid. Going blind must be one of the hardest things to stand.

My love and best wishes to you both.

Lovingly yours,

Grandmother Peabody

Tomorrow and Friday, a long letter from Grandpa to his sons in Alaska and Venezuela.

On Saturday and Sunday, more Special Pictures.

Next week I’ll be posting letters written in 1942,. Both Dan and Lad are in the Army now and the next two are worried about the draft.

Judy Guion


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