Trumbull (2) – Miscellaneous News Flashes – Jan., 1941

Many leads put for Purchase of used car

          It seems to be the consensus of opinion that it is too much to expect to get 1938 car in first class condition for $400 but I have gotten in touch with many reliable concerns who will let me know when they have something exceptionally good to offer. Those mentioned by you, all with the exception of Wally Williams, have been approached, including salesman of those concerns with whom I was in close contact on the negotiations for the purchase of a new car. No offers up to the present.

Miscellaneous News Flashes

          Dr. Laszlo expects to be in Alaska in May or June and will look up you two boys in Anchorage.

Will Lad and Dan please report if they are NOT getting Reader’s Digest (Spanish Edition) regularly and Ced, if the weekly copies of Sunday Post are not arriving.

Page 3 Of R-112

I paid Ced’s quarterly insurance policy last week.

The Book of Fort Dix - Roger Batchelder -(Cover)

The Book of Fort Dix - Roger Batchelder (Title Page)

          Roger Batchelder sent me his photo in full Captain’s uniform and informs me he is writing a book, with the approval of the war department on Fort Dix (in New Jersey) to combat the rumors of neglect at the government camps which he says have subservice instigation. He promises to send me an autographed copy of the first edition off the press.

ADG - Bookplate - Jan., 1941

Enclosed for each of you is an etched bookplate which I have wanted all my life and which I have finally ordered done for me by Mr. Stilson with some of the funds you boys sent me as a Christmas gift. It embodies the Guion coat of arms. It is perhaps one of those things that comes under the heading of foolish sentimental expenditures, but it pleases me and is one of those luxuries that one seldom feels he can afford, and for that reason perhaps it is all the more appreciated.

Monday of last week I was overjoyed to find P.O. Box 7 redolent of letters from far off points. A letter from Lad written on Jan. 13th in which he briefly describes how he spent the Christmas holiday and telling me how much of his time on the new job is taken up by clerical work, which leaves him little time for correspondence. Two letters from Ced, one written Jan. 3rd and the other Jan. 9th and one from Dan on the latter date also. Eleanor told me Barbara received four letters in the same mail, so there must have been some very serious delay in the mail service.

I will have to tell you a little joke on myself. Dan wrote some time ago he was sending a watch for me to have repaired in Bridgeport. It came one morning and as I was rushing down to the office, and assuming it was the watch in the little square box, I took it out to the car with me, unopened, and at noon time, I hurried with it, still unopened, around to Mr. Johnson, the watch repair man. While I was undoing the string I briefly explained to him that my boy in Alaska had sent it down for repairs, that the man from whom he had bought it had explained it was “drilled for 14 jewels” etc., so that we were both sort of taken off our feet with surprise when we saw the contents. Mr. Johnson said he had seen some pretty dilapidated watches in his day but nothing quite to equal this exhibit. We had a good laugh over the thing, and needless to say, he didn’t get the job of repairing it.

Winter is really here now and even the new Buick, with all its latent power, has trouble making the driveway.

As usual a few miscellaneous newspaper clippings are enclosed for any interest they may hold.

Dick wants Lad and Dave and me all to come to Alaska for a visit this summer in view of the fact that he will leave before Lad gets home and will not see him.


Over the weekend I’ll be posting more Special Pictures.

Next week, I’ll be posting letters written in 1942. Dan has been in the Army for about 5 months and Lad has just been inducted into the Army. Ced and Dick worry about their own status with the Draft Board.

Judy Guion 


2 thoughts on “Trumbull (2) – Miscellaneous News Flashes – Jan., 1941

  1. GP Cox says:

    Fort Dix is where my dad was sent first, he then volunteered for the paratroopers and was shipped out to Camp MacKall, NC. Our fathers have a lot in common.

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