Trumbull (2) – Barbara’s Visit to St. Dan Mephistopheles Guion – May, 1942

page 2     5/31/42

Barbara spent last weekend with Dan, staying at a little hotel at Roanoke Rapids, and enjoyed herself very much. She says Dan looks fine and seems quite contented. He has been experimenting with third dimensional photos in color, and eight slides he has sent home are startlingly realistic. Various views of Dave, Dick, Bissie, Butch, etc., taken at Trumbull, almost speak to you. Dan makes a suggestion I am seriously thinking of following if things break right. He says: “If Barbara has done right by “Little Nell” Guion, she has given you a vivid, perhaps lurid, description of the raptures of Roanoke Rapids. I hope that she has succeeded so well that nothing will do but that you-all will make a pilgrimage to the shrine of old St. Dan “Mephistopheles” Guion, perhaps pausing enroute at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (long enough to be convinced of whatever they are trying to prove). I suggest the possibility of coming on first of July, at which time I am hoping to get a furlough. I could go back no’th with you for a couple of weeks visit.

I wish I had time to quote Lad’s 11-page letter, all of which is interesting, but the hour is drawing late. I wish I could complete this letter with the report of what Ced has been up to for the last month but for some reason no mail from Alaska has been received since Ced last wrote on April 15th

Dan and Lad will be interested to know that I spent yesterday afternoon collecting all their woolen civies, including Lad’s long blue overcoat, and subjecting them all to a demothing treatment. The smell that still lingers in my room as a result is not half so unpleasant as that pervading the rooms downstairs, due to what must be a leaky sewer pipe in the cellar. I have sent for a man to come tomorrow to remedy the matter but am looking forward to getting upstairs where I can close the door and open the window and get some clean fresh air.

ADG - Alfred Duryee Guion at about 1 yr old in 1885

Alfred Duryee Guion

          After all these years I am learning something about myself. I had occasion to send to New York City recently for a copy of my birth certificate to comply with a possible government requirement, and learned that one week after my birth (at the time the certificate was filed) no name had been decided for the new child. Place of birth was given as 1159 5th Ave (corner of 78th St.). I’ll bet it looks quite different now. My father’s age was given as 31 at the time.

And that’s all from Trumbull at this time.

Many happy returns, old son, and may your next birthday find you in the best of health and contentment celebrating the event in a world at peace, in Trumbull, Conn., Surrounded by those who love and miss you, and particularly, your old


Tomorrow, I’ll be posting an “Occasional Report of the Guion Family as of May 31, 1942”. On Friday, another letter from Lad at The Ordrance Training Center, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland.

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll have some more Special Pictures.

Judy Guion


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